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A Zodiac Chamber, introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising, is a special area hidden in every other chapter, starting with Chapter 2. There are twelve chambers, each of them containing either a specific weapon with specific stats or a power. There are nine weapons and three powers total. To enter one, Pit must locate the Zodiac Platform and stand on it. He will be teleported to the chamber where he will find a specific weapon or power.

Chapter 2: The Sagittarius Bow

Saggitarius Chamber

Sagittarius Bow

Towards the middle of the level, Pit will be walking down a flight of stairs. On the wall, there will be a carpet; if Pit walks through it, he will find the Zodiac Platform.

Chapter 4: The Taurus Arm

Taurus Chamber

Taurus Arm

In the room that Palutena tells Pit about Clubberskulls, if Pit falls to the bottom floor where there's a Clubberskull, there will be many pits, but falling into the glowing one will reveal the Zodiac Platform.

Chapter 6: The Gemini Orbitars

Gemini Chamber

Gemini Orbitars

This chamber can only be accessed if Pit defeats Dark Pit underground. If Pit does not battle him there, he cannot access the chamber.

Chapter 8: The Cancer Claws

Cancer Chamber

Cancer Claws

If Pit follows the second floor path in the constellation room and falls off the edge, there is a secret doorway behind the largest constellation orb. There will be a jump pad to send him back up.

Chapter 10: The Leo Cannon

Leo Chamber

Leo Cannon

When Pit is in the area where Palutena talks about the Guttler, there is a path that branches off to the left; this path leads to the Zodiac Chamber.

Chapter 12: The Virgo Palm

Virgo Chamber

Virgo Palm

After defeating all of the enemies in the area containing two grenades, two elevators will appear. If Pit takes the elevator behind the place where the grenades were, he will reach the Zodiac Chamber.

Chapter 14: The Libra Sponge

Libra Chamber

Libra Sponge

Just before encountering Phosphora, if Pit turns to the right, there will be an electric doorway. Getting close to the doorway and dodging past it will allow Pit to access the chamber.

Chapter 16: The Scorpio Staff

Scorpio Chamber

Scorpio Staff

Once Pit starts using the Aether Ring, he will have to use it to slowly fall to a platform below. Pit can attack the orb to create a platform or just float to the chamber to access it.

Chapter 18: The Aries Armor

Ares Chamber

Aries Armor

When Pit reaches the Hot Spring in the level, going left of it will reveal a door that leads to the room where Pit can access the chamber.

Chapter 20: The Capricorn Club

Capricorn chamber

Capricorn Club

In the jail cell area, there is a cell holding a Skuttler. Pit should open up its cell via a switch nearby and defeat the Skuttler. The back wall of the cell is an illusion that Pit can walk through; the Zodiac Chamber is on the left.

Chapter 23: The Aquarius Blade

Aquarius Chamber

Aquarius Blade

When Pit reaches the room that contains many grind rails, Pit can go all the way to the end, and just before reaching Hades' stomach, he can go back on the grind rail he just disembarked. Following that grind rail all the way back to the center area but avoiding the parallel rail to the left will allow him access to the Zodiac Chamber.

Chapter 24: The Pisces Heal

Picese Chamber

Pisces Heal

If Pit turns around and heads down the path instead of up right after the platform at the start of the land battle that takes Pit to the trial area, he will gain access to the Zodiac Chamber.


  • Every Zodiac Chamber is in an even-numbered chapter, except for the Aquarius Chamber, which is located inside Hades' Belly in Chapter 23. This is because Chapter 22 takes place entirely in the air before the second fight with Pandora.

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