Wings of Icarus is the name of Pit's Up Special in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is based off of Pit's Angel's Feather, though they are not the same. It is unknown if Nintendo purposely changed the name or had a mistranslation.

Pit's wings will glow vibrant blue and his wings will flap rapidly. Pit can choose the direction of where to go, though usually flying in a downwards angle ends the move sooner. Flying upwards, on the other hand, goes an incredible distance; it is believed to be one of the best recoveries in Smash history. However, if Pit is hit at all during the recovery, his flight will end short, causing him to become tired; and he will be unable to use the move again.

Ironically, the original myth of Icarus from Greek mythology features a poorly assembled set of wings that burn off, causing Icarus to plummet into the ocean.

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