Weapon Gems Pile

Pile of Weapon Gems

Weapon Gems are a special item created from weapons you have collected from other Kid Icarus: Uprising players. To receive gems, players must activate Streetpass. Previously you could also receive gems from Spotpass daily, sent by Palutena (or at least, a Mii representation of Palutena, with unique green hair), but this has been discontinued.

There are six different gem colors as visible in the picture in the right: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and grey. The color tells you the power of the gem.

Weapon Gem colors and definitions
Blue Weapon Gem Blue
Weak (Value 149 and below)
Green Weapon Gem Green
Standard (Value 150-199)
Yellow Weapon Gem Yellow
Moderate (Value 200-249)
Orange Weapon Gem Orange
Strong (Value 250-299)
Red Weapon Gem Red
Powerful (Value 300+)
Gray Weapon Gem Grey
Weapon is unlocked for the person sending gem but is still locked for the person receiving it

These are your options to do with weapon gems.

  • Gems can be converted into hearts. However, you will not receive alot of hearts (About 60% of the dismantling cost of a copy of the weapon - for example dismantling a 100 value weapon will give 20 hearts, converting a 100 value weapon gem will give 12 hearts).
  • Gems can be converted into a weapon. This can cost a lot of hearts however (Same cost as buying a copy of it from the store)
  • Gems can be fused to make a weapon (Not a gem). The result of the fusion will be the same as fusing converted weapons (e.g. fusing Weapon 1 Gem and Weapon 2 Gem will give the same weapon as fusing Weapon 1 and Weapon 2). This will cost the fused weapons price


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