Each weapon has a certain range. Dashed charged shots fly the furthers for any weapon followed by charged shots fly followed by dash shots followed by normal shots. Some weapons lose power over distance: blades, palms, arms and orbitars while others gain power over distance: staffs and bows. Cannons don't really lose power over distance but some do.weapons don't change in power over range in air battles.


The weapon you are carrying affects your movement speed. Lightweight weapons such as claws enable you to move very quickly and so are good for hit and run attacks. Heavy weapons such as cannons don't allow you to move very fast, but generally deal out more destructive attacks. Light weapons include Claws, Palms and Orbitars. Middleweight weapons include Blades and Bows. Heavy weapons include Cannons, Staffs, Arms and Clubs.


Each weapon has a different attack trajectory. Weapons such as claws have a straight firing line, and although their shots travel quickly, they can be blocked by walls and other obstacles. Cannons on the other hand, have a curved trajectory, meaning you can hit enemies even if they're hiding behind something.

Homing Shots

Some weapons fire shots that home in on enemies. Claws fire in a straight line to wherever the target is pointing, but a bow's arrows will automatically home in on enemies that are near the targeting sight, making it much easier to score a hit.

Homing Ability: Palms, Bows and Orbitars

Some Homing Ability: Blades and Arms,

No Homing Ability(no homing skill on weapon): Staff, Cannon, Clubs and Claws.

Weapon Strength and Modifiers

Some weapons have different attributes despite having the same name. These attributes affect not only your attack power, they also influence your battlefield skills. Powerful weapons that have a positive effect on your skills are often the most expensive in the Arms Altar.

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