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  • ToyBonnieSenpai

    Scene shows up in Gravity Falls(part 1)

    Mabel-dipper, look!

    Dipper (sees a portal)  lets go in!

    (They go in) 

    Meanwhile at Palutena's Temple...

    Palutena-Pit, where did you leave that portal opener!

    Pit-i dont know where it is, lady Palutena! 

    Me-lady palutena, what...oh no, the portal opener!!! 

    (A portal appears)

    Boy-What is this place?

    Girl-i think this is heaven because we have wings!

    Palutena-these might be the stealers. Give it back!

    Mabel-oh no!

    Dipper-oh no alot

    Scene turns black

    (Part two coming up)

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  • ToyBonnieSenpai


    April 26, 2015 by ToyBonnieSenpai

    Im wolfwarrior I love pit as a fav thank you so much

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