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  • SkyRider3217

    Here are some questions to Kid Icarus players, please give your opinion.


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  • SkyRider3217

    Fan Art

    August 5, 2012 by SkyRider3217

    This is just a blog to view my personal Fan Art. You can comment on the pictures if you want.

    These pictures were made in Colors! 3D...

    To see the pictures in the process, go to this link here or here.

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  • SkyRider3217

    Personal Weapons

    July 18, 2012 by SkyRider3217

    If anyone wants me to make a Personal Weapon Picture, fill free to ask. Here's an example:

    Just let me know what type of template you want it to be in (Palutena Template or Viridi Template) and the Weapon Stats/Modifiers/Value.

    FangSylux's Dark Pit Staff

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