• PersonaFan101

    This adorable drawing I made with Pit sleeping on his bed. This takes right after he defeated Hades and saved angeland I think our hero needs a good long rest don't you agree?

    After fighting lots of enemies, traveling through different places and saving Angel land from Hades. Pit the hero of Kid Icarus heads safely back home to Palutena's temple and now finally gets a long good night sleep. Palutena tucked him in bed and left his room by saying good night. Pit is shown hugging his stuffed Soulflee plushie. Rest easy Pit you deserve it.

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  • PersonaFan101

    Hey everyone I have announced that I am starting a brawl machima series.

    Tales Of the Subspace is an upcoming Brawl Machima series that will be based on the video game Tales Of Symphonia. The series will be a slideshow manga style with sound effects and speech bubbles. Pit from kid Icarus have been comirmed to appear in the series as the third main party memeber in Sonic's group. There will be voice acting so if you are interested please comment of what main character you want to voice as in the trailer. Sonic, Marth and Fox already has voice actors Here are the cast that appear in this trailer .

    Voice Actors

    1.Sonic: Thunder The Hedgehog



    4.Fox : nintendoguy203




    8: Samus

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  • PersonaFan101

    Man after finishing chapter 9 and defeating Medesa in Kid Icarus Uprising and the credits rolled.I thought to myself aww that's it? it's over?! Then all of the sudden the ture mastermind revealed himself and I was shocked. I started to get so excited because I knew it's not over and there is still more chapters and hidden weapons to collect. I guess I still got a long way to go then Well then it's Showtime!!. Check out this awesome fan opening I made before the release of the game enjoy!

    Here's a little trivia the song that is used for this movie is actually from an adult anime series called Armored Knight Iris.

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