ah claws my personal favourite type of weapon in kid icarus mainly because I like to be fast and sneaky, and with my own personal touch of techniques I am extremly good with them.

'claws are a direct oppisite to canons..' my own little thing I wrote on the claws page but what do I think are the best and worst claws well here they are;

my worst;

stealth claws

'Forged in darkness and wrapped in the bandages of mummies, these claws are nearly invisible, so the targets of its fast fire may find it hard to find out exactly who is shooting. The claws do have a lower melee power, however.'

it speaks for itself low melee power which is what claws are made for!!! why oh why would you pick a melee based weapon with low melee power sure having invisible shots is nice but all you do is seem were you are hit turn to the direction and retaliate. really though if used with invisibilty then they can be helpful but really overall I can stand them they are just for teasing me over and over.

my best;

pandora claws

'These claws are based on the spirit form of Pandora. Their backward-dash charged shot creates a barrier that offers good defense in Together mode. Their third melee strike can knock enemies into the air. Try using a backward-dash attack as foes fall.'

doing what the description says is one of the best techniques which I find myself using. I've been onine before and everyone else had clubs as their weapon and without using any powers I defeated them all with this technique. I find though that you have to perfect using them to get the best advantage and not to stick to them to much as you forget about other weapons but having pandora on your side and causing calamity were you go is quite fun.


so come on show me your claws and tell me your best and worst claws.

until next time seen ya

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