clubs the most skilled of users always tend to use these due to power that pure power which they all seem to have and really thats what I find most of them are just pure power however there are many good tactics to use.

the worst

atlas club

this club I found is cheating in a way f not slowing its user down which I think with all that power it should have low speed but hey moving on.

the best 

earthmaul club

longest range of any weapon omg Iove using this not just in multi player but solo as well as I can hit hades flippin heart from pretty much the other side. Its design as well is cool in my opinion and suits it range but hey if you disagree leave a comment.

Earthmaul Club
so hey grab a club and whack someone round the head (if you must) now.

tell me your favs

p.s remember if u want to enter my kid icarus night this sunday check my blog about it for details.

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