first of can I just say that when it comes to cannons only 2 or 3, in my opinion, that look like cannons which tends to be why they are my least favourite weapon so I am just going to jump into this one.


the leo cannon

'The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Leo. Shoots incendiary bombs that can send enemies flying, then explode behind them for extra damage. This attack can be difficult to land, making the Leo Cannon tricky to use.'

oh my god, this cannon has great power but is just to hard to use when you get to 7.5 or above so It is pretty much wothless. plus why is it a cannon I would have expected the leo to be something more physical like a club but I guess it got left till last and they forgt cannons.


doom cannon

'A cannon that brings ruin to its victims. The shots are slow to charge, and slow-moving as well, but after impact, they deal ongoing damage in an expanding, devastating area!'

ok some may say that why have slow charge but combine this with the quick charge and by god do you kill  a lot not just in 1 large area but several ow great is that.

170px-Doom Cannon

so which cannons do you like to fire and which to throw over board tell me now!

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