Bows are another personal favourite as they have decent range and still can be useful in melee combat but still they are basically a better version of blades, to me. what I find intresting about them is more their design as which will be revealed...


the silver bow

'Prototype of a bow designed by Palutena. It's the only weapon of its type whose shot power is higher at close range. Also features a relatively high firing range and homing ability, making it a solid choice for skilled users.'

I find its design... plain and thats how I describe it in both ooks and use as I used on before and really it felt like it had no special ability making it unique from the others. I just want to move on

the best.


1. darkness bow

'The Darkness Bow is shrouded in mystery. Its ranged attacks are powerful, and it even excels as a melee weapon. However, it comes short in terms of homing ability and charge time.'

I like it because of its design and its use as a bow with its melee attack and  really having short charge time when attack by swams of enemys with great melee attack not to much to worry there.

2.phosphora bow

'This bow has electric shots and a strong forward dash. It has the fastest fire rate of all bows.'

fast shots mean it is a beast in battle and being based aouned phosphora is kinda cool so hey lets zap the foe with electricity!

Darkness Bow


so are your shots fast and hard hitting or are they precise yet slow

fire yours now

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