todays weapon is arms which personally I find one of the harder to use and less popular however that does not mean I don't have favourites among them. they tend to have the shortest range of any weapon which is a down side but have great melee strength. another downside though is their lackluster speed which is quite important in boss battles! ... espacialy cragalanche. so any way time for my best and worst.


the upperdash arm

'The Upperdash Arm is outfitted with a disc-shaped device that fires ring shots. Its backward-dash charged shot can lift foes into the air. While its regular melee attacks are weak, its melee dash attack deals massive damage.'

I used to like it but It fell from its grace for me as really to get full benifet you have to use really dash attacks and really thats all I can say about it.


compact arm

'This arm doesn't slow Pit down at all; it actually speeds him up. This means that it has low melee power though.'

I know it has weak melee but I've used this in multiplayer and it works espacially at short range cause you can blast people into holes and get a 1HKO. its melee may be weak but it is still affective. It is also the arm I am using trying to complete chapter 11 on 9.0 with an arm.

so what arm do you liketo do justice with tell me your favourite now!


p.s if any one has help for that chapter 11 challange that would be great

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