So currently my best weapon is a Magnus Club valued at 302. It has 5 stars range, 2 stars melee, and +3 speed, +2 dash ch. shot, and +3 overall defense as stat bonus. The range is limited, but the speed and endurance is outstanding for a club, and the damage is phenomenal (230 damage average for a single dash ch. shot). It's great for all game types too: air battles, land battles, and multiplayer. It works best on harder difficulties (usually upto 9.0), since it's damage is so great.

So, what's your best weapon? I'm not talking about the overall value and the stat bonuses. I'm talking about which specific weapon you do the best with.

Sorry if this is a doublepost.

Update: Got a lot of good weapons since I wrote this. I'll list a few.

First Blade v314: Range:6* Melee: 5*, Overall Defence +4 / Confusion +1 / Dash con. fire -2 / Side-dash Ch. shot +1

Viridi Palm v313: Range:5.5* Melee:1.5*, Poison +3 / Speed +4 / Stamina +3 / knkbk recov. +1 / Fullhealth bst +2

Gaol Blade v301: Range:3* Melee:0.5*, Overall def. +8 / Evasion +1 / Melee combo +3 / Melee dash atk +1, Heart bonus +3 / Dash ch. shot -2

Palutena Bow v317: Range: 6* Melee: 4.5*, Overall def. +3 / Burning +3 / Walking speed +1 / Status resis. -1

Pandora Claws v341: Range: +5 Melee +2.5, Overall def. +5 / Weakening +4 / Effect dur. +3

These are just to name a few. ;-)

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