Hello, this is Kingkillerbee, and I am setting up a popularity contest between Kid Icarus:Uprising characters and bosses. Just pick your choices in the comment section.

Medusa vs. Magnus, Dark Pit vs. Palutena, Hades vs. Pit, Aurum core vs. Cragalanche, Sanctum control center vs. Gaol, Aurum brain vs. Pit's body, Viridi vs. Thanatos, Hewdraw Reborn vs. Amazon Pandora, Pandora, godess of calamity vs. Phoenix, Pyrron vs. Phosphora, Chariot Master vs. Twinbellows, Great Reaper vs. Aurum Generator, Hades' Heart vs. Chaos Kin, Great Sacred Treasure vs. Dyntos, Galactic fiend Kraken vs. Soul eating Monster, Arlon vs. Pseudo Palutena.

Next one will be posted after 5 votes.

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