• Kingkillerbee

    Hello, this is Kingkillerbee. The last voting session finally finished, so I'm posting a new one. Same rules as last time, except you should have 8 choices instead. I am allowing 7 votes here, unlike 5 for the last one.

    Magnus vs. Dark Pit, Pit vs. Cragalanche, Gaol vs. Pit's Body, Viridi vs. Amazon Pandora, Phoenix vs. Pyrrhon, Chariot Master vs. Great Reaper, Chaos Kin vs. Great Sacred Treasure, Galactic Fiend Kraken vs. Arlon.

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  • Kingkillerbee

    New badges

    July 15, 2012 by Kingkillerbee

    Hello everyone, this is Kingkillerbee. Just to let editors know and to not keep it to myself, I created a new badge track for the pages with a category of "enemies". I may make another badge track for weapons in the future. Leave any comments about these new badges.

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  • Kingkillerbee

    This is who should be in the next Super smash Bros. game, and the stages there should be.

    1. Mario

    2. Luigi

    3.Princess Peach

    4. Bowser

    5. Donkey Kong

    6. Diddy Kong

    7. Wario

    8. Yoshi

    9. Link

    10. Zelda/See in newcomers

    11. Ganondorf

    12. Samus/Zero Suit Samus

    13. Pit

    14. Ice Climbers

    15. Kirby

    16. Meta Knight

    17. King Dedede

    18. Olimar and Pikmin

    19. Fox McCloud

    20. Falco Lombardi

    21. Wolf O'Donnel

    22. Captain Falcon

    23. Pikachu

    24. Jigglypuff

    25. Ike

    26. Ness

    27. Lucas

    28. Solid Snake

    29. Sonic the Hedgehog

    1. Bowser Jr.

    2. Waluigi

    3. Dixie Kong

    4. Ashley

    5. Impa (Skyward Sword) (as a replacement to Sheik)

    6. Ghirahim

    7. Palutena

    8. Magnus

    9. Bandana Waddle Dee

    10. Krystal

    11. Zoroark

    12. Pokemon Trainer (Black and White) (Snivy, Oshawott, and Tepig)

    13. Victini

    14. Paula

    15. Claus


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  • Kingkillerbee

    A new Category

    May 9, 2012 by Kingkillerbee

    I'm sorry I didn't tell anyone before, but I set up a category titled "Articles in Need of Cleanup". Many other wikis have a category like this, and there are some articles that I think can be rewritten much better.

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  • Kingkillerbee

    Hello, this is Kingkillerbee, and I am setting up a popularity contest between Kid Icarus:Uprising characters and bosses. Just pick your choices in the comment section.

    Medusa vs. Magnus, Dark Pit vs. Palutena, Hades vs. Pit, Aurum core vs. Cragalanche, Sanctum control center vs. Gaol, Aurum brain vs. Pit's body, Viridi vs. Thanatos, Hewdraw Reborn vs. Amazon Pandora, Pandora, godess of calamity vs. Phoenix, Pyrron vs. Phosphora, Chariot Master vs. Twinbellows, Great Reaper vs. Aurum Generator, Hades' Heart vs. Chaos Kin, Great Sacred Treasure vs. Dyntos, Galactic fiend Kraken vs. Soul eating Monster, Arlon vs. Pseudo Palutena.

    Next one will be posted after 5 votes.

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