Put who you want in the comments (I don't know that many Nintendo characters) I would appreciate help in the comments also!

More Soon!

Character Up Sp. Dwn. Sp. Fwrd. Sp. Back Sp. Final Smash
Pit Power of Flight for period of time Equip Mirror Shield for period of time Melee Combo Charged Shot Equip Great Sacred Treasure for period of time. (Form is randomly chosen)
Palutena Send pillars of light towards the enemy Dissapear and be invincible for period of time Send rapid fire, high damage projectiles Send very slow but very powerful homing barrier projectiles Centurion Army attacks the enemy for very high damage

Summon Nutskies

Send a high damage shock wave by hitting the ground with her staff Roll Cragalanch at the enemy Send out a Demon Vine Throw a Reset Bomb at the enemy
Dark Pit Same as Pit Dissapear and then have a chance to get a cheap shot on the enemy Face kick the enemy Same as Pit Enter Chrisis mode (can be used again if recovered)
Hades Send 3 energy beams at the enemy Send out the purple and blue energy balls Charge at the enemy Summon an Orne that can serriously damage the enemy Use super long charge 1 hit-KO move
Atlas Jump repediatly to create large shock waves Stomp the enemy Same as Hades Create an earthquake Throw a planet that consumes the whole field
Medusa Summon Monoeyes Detach head as a homing projectile until it gets hurt in the eye Send a beam of energy at the enemy Go to the furthest dustance from the enemy and sends projectiles to stop the enemy from reaching you Summons Underworld Army to damage the enemy
Magnus Upper"cut" that can hurt the enemy for a lot of damage and then send them flying Foot Sweep that trips the enemy and damages Run towards the enemy and then stabs for large damage Does a backflip to dodge and then creates a small tremor Does a super-high damged combo
Red Charizard does Seismic Toss Bulbasaur uses Leech Seed Squirtle uses Hydro Pump

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