Pit CAN read

Yes, pit does say 'I haven't even learnt how to reeeeeeead!!!!' But this is highly likeley to be a last minuite joke. If you think, pit did go to school and get minors, and also he could use maps and pencils in Kid Icarus. Referring to 'Thanatos Uprising' Pit knows what a blog is. (Thanatos has a blog???') There is more evidence to be found, in SSB4 and in the short anime series...

it's hard for pit to change?

With his wings, right? Yea it might me harder, but you can just put your legs through the hole for the head and pull it up. This means that the shirt doesn't need to go over your wings. Why don't you try that, Pit?

Anyway don't what to talk about this Toooo much...

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