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  • Hero King Marth

    Hello, all.

    The results of the July community poll in regards to the fate of the custom cursor have concluded, as follows:

    Taking into consideration of the above results, we will keep the custom cursor. Thank you all for your participation.

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  • Hero King Marth

    Adopting the Wiki

    January 18, 2014 by Hero King Marth

    As you may all notice, the admins/bureaucrats have virtually been inactive on this wiki for a while due to whatever circumstances. That being said, not too long ago, I was recommended to try to adopt this wiki and become a bureaucrat so that I can improve this community better than I can do now. Following this suggestion, I sent in an adoption request for this wiki but was advised to have a discussion with others in this community first. So, with not much else to say, please, everyone, feel free to post your opinions. (Of course, it would be much easier if any of the existing admins/bureaucrats are willing to make me one instead, which is another option.)

    Well, it would seem that recently I've been promoted to admin/bureaucrat through adopt…

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  • Hero King Marth

    Like the title says. That's all. Sorry, I don't really ever have much to say.

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