Hi, i am new on this site and I know that it is not very active, but I still wanted to share my thoughts.

Dark Pit|

We dont know who he is, but many people thought that he is just some copy of Pit, like for example Dark Link is a evil counterpant of Link without any real backstory or character. But one phrase of the newest* trailer it seems to me that Dark Pit may be something else. At one point Dark Pit states that he is after him(Pit) because PIT copied him. Maybe he himself just dont knows it but and is just some clone. Here my theories

1.I could think that it could be a situation similar with the Sonic the hedgehog series. One of the characters, Shadow, looks very similare to Sonic and they call each other fakes and so. But actually Shadow is a random created Hedgehog, made like 50 years before Sonic was born and looks similare to Sonic without a aprent reason.

2. My second theory would be that Dark Pit is the original Pit, but he somehow quited or/and was banished from his post. The Pit of this game is some clone or recreation of the original Pit.

Ok, thanks for reading even if it will be false for 99,99 percent.

ps: Sorry for my bad English.

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