SPOILER ALERT 5/6/12 at 13:56 marked the day I got Kid Icarus: Uprising!

And what a great game it is! Everytime I thought it got a bit over the top (with aliens invading and such) the epic story came in and made things epic. I loved all the references to other Nintendo franchises (especially Metroid), the way I see it , the whole game is just one big mix of Nintendo games. You've got a bit of Zelda, a bit of - no wait, ALOT of Star Fox and even a small pinch of Pilotwings. It certainly took an interesting turn on the series, the traditional games were pretty much like Metroid except more RPG-y. But uprising is a frantic, quick paced shooter, and there's very little backtracking at all.

I'm still getting used to the multiplayer, it's a little chaotic and most of my kills are just by button mashing (half the time I don't even need to aim), but I'm sure it's good. But the Solo mode is brilliant. Chapter 18. really shaked things up for me, accompaning the sad, apocalyptic world Pit is thrown into is the one of the most depressing themes I have heard in a Nintendo game. And that's a good thing. I've noticed alot of the themes are just different interpretations of the main theme, while there is nothing wrong with that I would've liked a bit more variety in the soundtrack. Graphics of course, are amazing and the animation is pretty smooth too. The voice acting is a little annoying at times (especially Pit and Viridi), but I quickly grew to it. But having played through the game I wouldn't want it any other way.

I think that the next Kid Icarus game should be a little more closer to Greek Mythology. At first, I thought having lasers was a bit weird, but that's nothing in comparison to the mechanic, outer-space Aurum invading Earth. Oh and the Space Pirates.

One of the great aspects of the game is that it is fully customisable. From the weapons right down to the number of enemies you want in each level. I'm also glad that Nintnedo didn't add Miis or a Wuhu Island level, which they have been doing alot lately (I'm looking at you Mario Kart 7).

In conclusion, Uprising is a great game and an absolute must-have for 3DS owners. The Streetpass and Spotpass fuctions alone should give you enough incentive to buy the game. If you don't have this already, go get it NOW!

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