I started posting challenges on Scimitar1's Face Off user blog as well as a few comments on the "SSB4" ideas blogs and I was thinking; we all love Kid Icarus: Uprising, but couldn't we also meet up for other games we enjoy. That's why I'm making this blog, the rules are the same as Scimitar1's blog with the only difference bieng able to challenge users to other games instead of Uprising, but please keep it to Nintendo system games so that way we don't get confused as to who's playing what (for example a SFXTK challenge by a ps3 owner to a 360 owner who accepts but they don't have the system). Also if it's a game with multiple different competitive multiplayer modes please specify which one (for example a challenge for a Pokemon game would require specification of single, double, or triple battle) Here's a copy-pasted rule set just in case you haven't seen it yet.

Here you put down who you want to face in multiplayer and when you want to face them and when they see it they can either accept your challenge or reject it. You can only reject a certain amount in a row before you have to accept a challenge for a certain amount of challenges. Challenges are made in this format, "I challenge (insert person being challenged) to a match of (inseret game title and mode) on (insert date of match/time and time zone)" The accept and reject have to replies to the challenge message. Challengers must have an account on here to challenge someone on here. I'll notify the person being challenged and that person has to put their answer on the blog as a reply. Battles will consist of three players: the challenger, the person being challenge, and the host who will referee the battle. The opponets should not attack the host , on acciedent is ok but on purpose is unacceptable. The host is just to verify who wins the battle. Here are the time zones in the US, at central I'm putting as the main time at 12:00 pm:Hawii Time=7:00 am, Alaska Time=9:00 am Pacific Time=10:00 am, Mountain Time=11:00 am, Central Time=12:00 pm, and Eastern Standard Time=1:00 pm. Also, refs should put who won the match underneath the challenge on this blog. Best 2 out of 3 wins.

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