Hello fellow users, as you may know the 25th anniversary of the Kid Icarus series is coming up/has passed (depends on the region) so I thought maybe we could celebrate it, wheter it has alreday come and gone, is happening, or is still a little off, with a Light vs Dark tournament. Right now I just wanna get a head count of who would be interested. I have a prelimenary rule list set up right now please feel free to make suggestions, and I'll put them in if they sound good.

The Kid Icarus 25th anniversary LvD tournament will take place during the mid-late summer of 2012. Any users of Icaruspedia who wish to partcipate are welcome, you can make your team of three entirely of users from this wiki, or you can fill any blank spots with guests from your friends list (but please try to fill these blanks with human players and let us know). Each team will have a "Captain" who must be a user on this wiki who will provide their friend code to a "supervisor" of the tournament (who as far as I know will be just me, unless an Admin, the Bureaucrat, or any other user would be willing to help out) who will use their 3DS friends list to check when the matches are happening, in each round when the match-ups are made, both captains will agree on a date, time(include time zone), and which team will be light and dark.They will then recieve each others' friend codes for the match (make sure to set up the room as "players friends can join" so everyone gets in). A supervisor will check their list at the date and time to make sure the match is happening. After the match both captains will post the results so the supervisors know who will advance to the next round. The Tournaments ruleset will be the same as the default rule-set for Light vs Dark with the exception being the map which will be decided by the supervisors for each round. You are allowed to change weapons each round but you can only use one from each of the nine catogorys. The matches are single elimination for each team, but their may be losers matches to determine ranks below 1st and 2nd (3rd, 4th etc). The deadline for entry is July 21st 2012, with the first round starting in August.

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