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In Kid Icarus: Uprising, there are a multitude of weapons which can be unlocked. Below are all of these weapons and each method of unlocking them.

Zodiac Weapons

These weapons are unlocked by finding and standing on a blue-lit teleporter that takes you to another dimension with a treasure box hidden somewhere within the chapter.

Zodiac Weapons
Weapon Chapter Method
Sagittarius Bow 2 Before meeting Magnus, walk through a large tapestry hanging on the wall that's located on the stairway that's leading down.
Taurus Arm 4 In the area with two swinging pendulum blades, walk off the cliff then go down a blue-glowing hole that will be near other purplish holes.
Gemini Orbitars 6 At the water fountain cross-section, go right to fight Dark Pit in the underground area. After you defeat him, scale the wall until you find a pathway to the blue transport. (Note: You may need to fight him at another location first. Sometimes you will not go to fight Dark Pit in the underground area. You will have to replay the chapter if this occurs.)
Cancer Claws 8 In the room where the space pirates store the constellations, head to the second level using the first jump-pad, then go past the second jump-pad to the end of the platform and walk off. Now go inside the door.
Leo Cannon 10 When you enter the door leading to the segment with the Guttler, go left and you should find a path leading to the blue transport.
Virgo Palm 12 Near the end of the blue-colored area where you get two grenades, after you defeat all the enemies, instead of taking the elevator that first appears, go to the right from the way you came and take the second elevator.
Scorpio Staff 16 After you get the Aether Ring, as you're floating down the shaft, turn around and face the direction you came from and there will be a hole in the wall you can enter.
Capricorn Club 20 While inside Palutena's temple, in the jail cells area, walk through the wall in the last cell door on the left (with the Skuttler Mage in it).
Aquarius Blade 23 After the part where you have to switch grind rails so you don't die, get back on the grind rail and head backwards.

Challenge Weapons

These weapons are unlocked by completing challenges, or otherwise known as unlocking portrait panels.

Challenge Weapons
Weapon Chapter Method
Aurum Blade 15 Destroy 8 of the guns surrounding the Aurum Core.
Aurum Bow 17 Defeat Aurum Pyrrhon while in Crisis Mode.
Aurum Club 15 Clear the chapter within 17 minutes.
Aurum Orbitars 16 Clear the chapter using claws.
Aurum Palm 16 Defeat the Aurum Generator without switching grind rails.
Boom Orbitars 25 Clear the chapter within 15 minutes.
Centurion Orbitars 19 Defeat the Chariot Master while in Crisis Mode.
Palutena Blade 9 Clear the chapter within 28 minutes.
Palutena Bow 24 Clear the chapter within 11 minutes.
Poseidon Cannon 8 Clear the chapter within 20 minutes.
Viridi Claws 22 Clear the chapter without dying (intensity 5.0 or higher).
Viridi Palm - Acquire 5 different palms.

Chapter Weapons

These weapons are unlocked by clearing the specified chapter.

Boss Weapons
Weapon Chapter
Twinbellows Cannon 1
Gaol Blade 2
Hewdraw Club 3
Great Reaper Palm 4
Pandora Claws 5
Dark Pit Staff 6
Thanatos Staff 7
Kraken Arm 8
Phoenix Arm 10
Cragalanche Cannon 11
Arlon Orbitars 13
Phosphora Bow 14

Other Weapon
Weapon Chapter
Magnus Club 18

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