Twinbellows Cannon

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Twinbellows Cannon
"Inspired by the most dreaded mutt in the Underworld."
Vital statistics
Weapon Type Cannon Mini Icon Cannon
Range Strength Unaffected by distance
Strongest Attack {{{strongest attack}}}

The Twinbellows Cannon (ツインべロスの爆筒 Tsuinberosu no Baku Tsutsu, literally meaning "Twinbellows' Burst Gun Barrel"), as the name implies, is a Cannon based on Twinbellows. Some of the shots are similar to the fire-based projectiles used by Twinbellows during its boss battle. This weapon can be unlocked after defeating Twinbellows in Chapter 1 of Kid Icarus: Uprising.

It is decently powerful but possesses average range. However, the melee attacks are quite strong. This weapon's greatest attribute is its rapid fire shots. The charged shot is also great since it is very large in size and deals heavy damage. Its dash continuous fire loses power as it travels while the charged shot's power is never reduced from range. If all shots from the dash continuous fire hit the target, they can do even more damage than charged shots. Its backward-dash charged shot creates an explosion near the user. Being a fire-based weapon, the Twinbellows Cannon's shots and combos can burn the opponent. The Cannon also raises its user's speed for a bit compared to all weapons of its type. However, its charge time is longer than most Cannons.

Idol Description

Inspired by the most dreaded mutt in the Underworld. Fires a flame stream that roast nearby foes. Its backwards-dash charged shot creates explosions that detonate near the area they're fired, making them great for close combat.


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