The Treasure Hunt is a version of achievements in Kid Icarus: Uprising. There are three panels in total, each with 120 slots for each achievement. Feathers can be unlocked to use on the harder-to-get achievements. However, some achievements, such as completing every chapter on Intensity 9.0, cannot be unlocked using feathers. Completing achievements unlocks powers and weapons. Unlocking an achievement reveals hints for the adjacent panels (up, down, left, and right). Completing a challenge on an achievement that was already feathered will remove the feather symbol on it.

There are three different Treasure Hunts. Each will offer different challenges and a picture. These are:


The Treasure Hunt concept originated from Kirby Air Ride, as it had three different Treasure Hunts with various tasks. This concept was also used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, only it was one big Treasure Hunt.

Palutena army

Palutena's Treasure Hunt


Viridi's Treasure Hunt


Hades's Treasure Hunt

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