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Pit finding a treasure box.

Treasure Boxes are special item containers that are spread throughout all of the locations that Pit visits on his journey in Kid Icarus: Uprising. They are decorated chests that open up when approached and may contain useful items such as Food, Grenades, and even new weapons. Treasure Boxes are considered valuable and will therefore often are heavily guarded by enemies. In one instance, the Underworld Army even uses a Treasure Box as bait to lure Pit and Magnus into a trap, although the latter was able to figure this out.


  • TreasureBox
    The standard Treasure Box. It is found in most levels.
  • Speedy Box is a Treasure Box that flees. It's hard to stop, but the contents are generally worth it. One appears during the The Three Trials.
  • The Bouncy Box has the ability to bounce around. Similarly hard to stop but usually worth it.
  • The Tiny Box carries the same stuff as a normal Treasure Box but take up less space and are harder to find.
  • Pandora's Box is a treasure box that usually shoots at Pit and then gives out a prize after he opens it, although some do just one or the other. It has a purple color scheme and a different pattern than a regular Treasure Box, so it is easy to tell and gives Pit a chance to think before opening it. Pandora's Box may give Pit hearts after it shoots at him.

Mimicuties are not considered part of these Treasure Box variations as it is an enemy, yet some give off treasure if they are defeated.

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