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Thunder Cloud Temple



Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 14)


Thunder Cloud Temple


The Thunder Cloud Temple (雷雲の庭園 Raiun no Teien, "Thundercloud Garden") is a location that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Appearing in Chapter 14, it is an abandoned temple that Phosphora temporarily takes shelter in.

Physical Appearance

The Thunder Cloud Temple is a massive, floating island located in the middle of a thunder cloud, with several smaller islands scattered around it. Though it possesses old-fashioned statues and buildings, the temple is equipped with electrical fields on many of its walls, pillars, and rooftops. Among the buildings are various trees, some of which reside inside the center of the temple along with traditional stone lanterns.


Chapter 14: Lightning Battle

Originally created and used by a thunder god,[1] the Thunder Cloud Temple had been abandoned since ancient times[2] until Phosphora sought it out for refuge after Thanatos's defeat. Taking advantage of this, Palutena sends Pit into the temple to fight Viridi's commander, destroying her power supplies along the way.

Once Pit reaches the garden in the center, he is confronted by Phosphora who engages him in battle. After her defeat, Phosphora is forced to teleport away, causing the Thunder Cloud Temple to collapse.

Idol Description

Thunder Cloud Temple

An electrically charged temple located in a storm. Although it's a perfect match for Phosphora, she's only a recent resident. The actual founder and original inhabitant of the Thunder Cloud Temple was a thunder god.



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    Palutena: This is the Thunder Cloud Temple. It's been abandoned since ancient times.

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