Chaos Kin
"This place is complete chaos!"
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Cité attaquée
Chapter 3's Land Battle takes place in That Burning Town. The townsfolk are attacked by the two severed Hewdraw heads that Pit had defeated in the Air Battle. Underworld forces are present, too, and are wreaking havoc while all the villagers are hiding indoors.

Pit will battle the first Hewdraw head in an arena-like area after Palutena applies her Monster Pheromone on Pit. The next Hewdraw head can be found in a lake; at this point, the head has grown some of its body back.

Idol Description

That Burning Town

This town is damaged during the Underworld Army's two-pronged assault on the surface world and Skyworld. It is in this city Pit fights the two remaining Hewdraw heads hiding since their last defeat.

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