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"Actually, I go by Thanatos now. The extra H is for hamazing!"

- Thanatos

Thanatos (タナトス Tanatosu) is the God of Death and a shape shifter. He is a childish figure, and Medusa's, and later Hades', second-in-command. In Kid Icarus, originally going by the name "Tanatos," Thanatos assumed the form of a snake and aided Medusa in her fight with Pit. As Thanatos states in Kid Icarus: Uprising, he added the H to his name as it stands for "Hamazing!" It is possible that he added it to indicate the proper translation for the actual god of death in Greek mythology.



In his clown-like true form, Thanatos has a green and cracking skin tone and fish-like characteristics. He has two red eyes with cross-shaped pupils, as well as a large, smiling mouth with blue lips and two fangs. He also has a short, stubby nose and a skull ornament at the tip of his head. Thanatos seemingly wears silver shoulder armor, a red scarf, a brown shirt with striped sleeves, and a pair of large, pirate-like trousers also decorated with yellow and red stripes. In addition, the armor on his shoulders appears to be covered with various branch-like structures that have jewelry hanging from them.

Thanatos' various forms include a snake, a large bat that splits into a flock of smaller bats, a giant foot, a vase that shoots skulls, a sword surrounded by spears, a nesting doll, and a dragon made of green flames.


Thanatos is depicted as a very flamboyant and eccentric character. He carries a very goofy and sometimes childish disposition almost all the time, such as covering his ears and pretending not to listen to certain statements while making ridiculous sounds and barks when Palutena asks why he doesn't outrank Medusa. Because of this, Pit can't tell if Thanatos is just weird or dim. He enjoys witty repartee and likes to make humorous conversations and jokes, even to his enemies. He is also very sensitive, easily getting offended when ignored or told to shut up.

Despite his loyalty to Medusa and not wanting to give up the key, he insists on handling things more civilly at first, wanting Pit and Palutena to hang a while and catch up because he, as he puts it, "prefers honey to vinegar." He also shows some laziness. When questioned by Palutena why he, a god of death, is not the ruler of the Underworld (the land of the dead) and does not outrank Medusa, he simply claims that he does not like climbing the corporate ladder due to the larger amount of work one has to put in and that it is not the Underworld's style to have a strict hierarchy. However, Palutena notes that Thanatos is dodging her question. Later events suggest that Thanatos works for Hades and actually does outrank Medusa, and that he dodged the question to avoid revealing this.

In Thanatos Rising, the God of Death shows a more sadistic side to him, eagerly wanting to destroy a village and lamenting when this attempt was foiled by Pit, calling it his "lovely carnage". He also makes some sadistic jokes towards Pit when fighting him.


Despite Thanatos' childish and goofy demeanor, he is by no means a pushover. Thanatos is a powerful shape-shifter, able to morph his body into a variety of shapes. As shown in Thanatos Rising, Thanatos can shape-shift parts of his body, such as turning his hand into a large mace. Thanatos can also fire dark fireballs from the spikes on his shoulder and a large, skull-shaped blast of energy at Pit.

Aside from his impressive shape-shifting abilities, Thanatos displays other magical talents. He can fly, teleport, materialize objects, such as bombs, out of thin air, and use his magic to enchant other objects, as seen when he uses his magic to make the Trojan Horse tank sprout wings and fly.


Kid Icarus

"A snake that lives in Medusa's hair. Tanatos means "death" in Greek. It's really strong and powerful."
Hit Points Damage Hearts Score (Experience)
1 (respawns) 3 0 100

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Thanatos leads the Underworld Army from the Seafloor Palace prior to Pit reaching his base with the help of Poseidon. Though offered a chance to give the Underworld Key to him willingly, Thanatos battles Pit and is defeated. He is later seen leading the Underworld Army under Hades's order to defeat the Forces of Nature as commander. Engaging his rival commander Phosphora in Chapter 14 in an aerial dogfight, Thanatos loses and falls to his possible death.

Captain N: The Game Master

Three Tanatos appeared in the episode "Mega Trouble For Megaland" where they are seen on Medusa.

Kid Icarus Anime

Thanatos stars as the main antagonist in Thanatos Rising. Whilst his shape-shifting abilities have yet to be demonstrated, he has shown the ability to enchant one of the "Trojan Horse Tanks" in the film and cause it to sprout wings and fly. Pit screams Thanatos's name as he flies towards him. After the main video, "The End" becomes "The End...?" and you see Thanatos scream "Rage quit! Rage quit!!"

Idol Descriptions

God of Death, Thanatos

The god of death. Bored with his 9-to-5 guiding the souls of living to their final resting place, Thanatos turns his work over to the Reapers and leisurely passes his days in a palace deep beneath the ocean.

Thanatos (Transformations 1)

A talented shape-shifter, Thanatos takes various forms to fight. As a sword, the god of death is quick to stab, creating openings with his many points. When he transforms into a foot, a crushing stomp is sure to follow.

Thanatos (Transformations 2)

Thanatos's alternate forms give him dozens of unique attacks. Whether an urn, a bat, or a nesting doll, Thanatos's wild transformations are only to be underestimated by fools with a death wish.


  • "Oh, goody—guests! Protecting an impregnable fortress can get awfully lonely." - Thanatos' first line of the game
  • "Actually, I go by Thanatos now. The extra H is for "Hhaaaamazing!"
  • "Keee keee! Woop woop woop woop woop!" - When Thanatos turns into a bat during his boss battle (Chapter 7)
  • "Crushing defeat!" - When he gets defeated by Pit (Chapter 7)
  • "Slicety slice! Dicety dice! Stabbity stab stab stab stab!" - When Thanatos turns into his sword and spear form (Chapter 7)
  • "We're in the middle of something here! Can this wait?" - When Pit enters the battleground of the Underworld and Forces of Nature (Chapter 14)
  • "Oh, yes! I'm just peachy!" - Replying to Hades when asked if he was OK
  • "HELLO?! It's rude to exclude!" "I'll have you know that I much prefer honey to vinegar. And I prefer witty repartee to ANY condiment!"
  • "Me? But you've been talking this whole game!" - When Pit tells him to shut up
  • "Flap, Flap, Flap. Such big talk from such a little munchkin." - To Pit from Thanatos Rising


Being a shape-shifter, Thanatos has many different forms he uses in battle. Aside from his normal appearance, he can also turn into a green snake, a foot, a bat, a skull shooting vase, a sword with spears, a set of Russian nesting dolls, and a green dragon named by Palutena as a "glow dragon" that does not appear in his boss battle.

Transformation Description


Thanatos, in humanoid form, will shoot a skull-shaped gas at you. He can also shoot two beams of bats as if he had orbitars.


As a bat, Thanatos will occasionally shoot bat-shaped shots at you. Sometimes his bat form will split into groups of bats and come at you and later rejoin into one bat. Thanatos is unattackable when his bat form splits.

Russian Doll

These dolls will hop around towards you. To get to the next transformation you have to shoot the red dot on the middle of the smallest doll; another, smaller doll will pop out. After the smallest doll, a mini Thanatos will come out and hop around; attacking him will make him turn into his next transformation.


Thanatos will claim to be impervious to your weapons' attacks; in actuality, you can damage the urn (but not his face) with ranged shots. The most effective way to get Thanatos out of this form, though, is to attack the white skull projectiles that the jar will spill or throw at you. The red skulls, however, will explode on contact with Pit.


Thanatos becomes a giant green foot and will hover towards everywhere Pit goes. He will either stomp once or three times in quick succession. This ability is somewhat similar to the Atlas Foot.

Sword and Spears

This form will have spears that levitate around Thanatos. The spears will occasionally fly at you and get stuck in the ground. Palutena will advise Pit to get the sword to hit the spears to where it will pause for a little bit, making it more vulnerable to attack. The spears circling the sword will block your attacks.



  • Thanatos' name means death in Greek.
  • Thanatos shares the same voice actor as the Hewdraw, both being voiced by Danny Mann.
  • When Thanatos shifts into the Sword and Spears phase, the sword resembles Magnus' sword.
  • During his battle with Phosphora in Chapter 14, Pit remarks that he was "revived as a glowworm?"
  • Hades states that Thanatos is a bit of special case, being the God of death and all, so he gets evil powers, health insurance, and free soda.
  • Thanatos seems to draw inspiration from clowns, genies, and mimes.
  • His glow dragon form is the only form where his original body is present.
  • His glow dragon form is probably a reference to his first form from the series.
  • In Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2, there is an enemy in the Pokestar Studios movie feature Ghost Eraser that features a being known as the Majin of Mayhem. He acts a lot like Thanatos behavior and dialogue wise.

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