Rail Temple

The Rail Temple.

The Rail Temple is a multiplayer stage in Kid Icarus: Uprising. As the name says, it is a temple filled with Grind Rails, There is also a central platform that can only be accessed by Grind Rails. Being hit off of the central platform can result in the victim landing in the hole under it, ending with an instant death. The Music that plays in this stage is titled Boss Battle 1.

This arena features various Grind Rails allowing the player to move around the arena quickly. The flowery platform in the middle can only be accessed by Grind Rails, this platform is often used for battle between two fighters., this platform can also be used to decide the whole Light versus Dark battle for when both Angels are on the platform it can be a decsivie battle for the one to get
3DS KidIcarusUprising Rail-Temple-02
knocked of the edge loses the game.
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  • The Rail Temple is the map featured in the Multiplayer trailer.

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