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Pseudo-Palutena is a false and distorted version of Palutena seen during the events of Kid Icarus: Uprising and was created by Dyntos. Unlike Pit's past battle with Palutena, she doesn't have the Chaos Kin lingering above her, and must be taken out like any other boss.


At first, Pseudo-Palutena's appearance is the same as Palutena. However, it turns out that her true face is rather vile and disgusting, resembling that of a comical zombie. Her skin tone is a slight purple, with her face being the most dramatic change in her appearance. One of her eyes is mostly closed, while the other is creepily wide open. She also has a long tongue and a backwards "P" on her forehead. Pseudo-Palutena is extremely brutal and vicious and possesses a great blood lust; though she only appears for a short time, she's completely focused on destroying and killing Pit.

Powers and Abilities


Whilst the true extent of Pseudo-Palutena's power is never shown, she uses the same powers that Palutena herself uses to attack Pit in Chapter 20 of the Chaos Kin arc.

However, once her mask of beauty is destroyed, she becomes even more aggressive. When she's in her true form, she upgrades her arsenal of Palutena's magic with a barrage of pink energy shots; she also uses a melee attack, which involves her smashing her own face into the ground below her, hitting Pit in the process.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

After defeating Magnus and Dark Lord Gaol for a second time, Pit discovers his next opponent during The Three Trials is Palutena.

After a brief bit of banter with Dyntos, Pit tries to communicate with his Palutena, but she does not answer. Only the version in front of him is talking.

Pit reluctantly attacks Palutena, who sounds much more violent then normal. After some hits, she reveals her true face as "Pseudo-Palutena" and continues the fight. The battle becomes more difficult as her array of attacks increases.

After the battle, Palutena "wakes up" and believes she had fallen asleep during Pit's trial. During the Great Sacred Treasure battle, it is revealed that Dyntos somehow had put Palutena to sleep temporarily and created Pseudo-Palutena to make it seem like Pit was fighting the actual goddess herself.

Idol Description

A twisted version of Palutena created by Dyntos as a joke. During the appearance of Pseudo-Palutena, Dyntos put the real goddess to sleep miles away. This amazing feat is evidence that Dyntos's power exceeds even that of Hades.

Super Smash Bros for WiiU

In the Smash Bros Direct 8.4.12, during a trophy quiz. Pseudo-Palutena was featured in the fashion she was sporting in Uprising.


  • "It won't be a fight! It will be a massacre!" - Last line as the 'real' Palutena
  • "YOU'RE finished!" - During her appearance
  • "Die already!"
  • "Feel the shame!"
  • "You are nothing!"
  • "You're mine!"
  • "TIME TO DIE!"
  • "At least I'm beautiful." - Upon defeat by Pit


  • Pseudo, coming from Greek, means false or alternate. This prefix indicates that Pseudo-Palutena is not a real goddess, but rather a fraudulent one.
  • During the first part of the battle she carries the title "Goddess Palutena?"
  • Pseudo-Palutena is the only one of Dyntos' creations that talks.


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