The Practice Range is a bonus mode in Kid Icarus: Uprising in which the player takes out targets that spawn indefinitely. There are two variants of this mode, Air Battle and Land Battle.

Air Battle

The Air Battle takes place in an area very similar to the Air Battle of Chapter 1. Monoeyes hover left to right at different distances from the player. Komaytos also appear during Air Battle.

Land Battle

A large Monoeye is situated in the middle of a round platform that is surrounded by water. When the Monoeye is eventually defeated, it will respawn.

Together Mode

In Together Mode, a fighter of the opposing team/color replaces the large Monoeye in Land Battle.


  • Although the practice targets do not attack, if the player is inflicted with confusion status, they may retaliate.
  • If this is done repeatedly, the player will eventually die.
  • There is a Monoeye in Chapter 24 that takes several hits to defeat. It could be a reference to the Monoeye in the Land Battle practice range.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl also has sort of a practice range, in which the player can fight the Sandbag in Online Mode while they wait for the game to load.

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