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The Power of Flight granted on Pit's wings.

The Power of Flight is a new mechanic introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It grants Pit the ability to fly without the need for the Wings of Pegasus, one of the Three Sacred Treasures. This power was given to Pit by Palutena, in order to help him reach the destination of his missions. However, this power has a strict time limit of five minutes. If Pit exceeds five minutes while using the Power of Flight, his wings will burn up and he will fall to the earth, wingless.


Although the Power of Flight appears to be very similar in function to the Wings of Pegasus and other related items, it actually has some major differences in the way it works. The primary difference is that this power is fueled constantly by Palutena or Viridi, allowing her to completely control Pit's path and direction. To this effect, the Power of Flight acts as a sort of vessel to get Pit to his destinations, although he still has control over his aim and manuverability. The other difference is the time limit of five minutes during which he can sustain flight. Because this power consumes so much energy, Pit can only stay airborne during this time limit before his wings burn up and he falls to the surface world. While Palutena is usually able to get Pit to ground level before the five minutes are up, some missions may impede this effort and stress the limits of flight. One example of this is in Chapter 3, where Pit will be kept airborne under the time limit until he defeats Hewdraw.

The color seems to differ depending on which god grants it. Pit's wings glow blue when his flight is granted by Palutena and green when when it is granted by Viridi. Dark Pit's wings glow purple when he uses Pandora's powers to fly. When Pit uses the Wings of Pegasus in Chapter 9, his wings glow pink.

The color and brightness of the glow generated by the Power of Flight depends on the speed he is flying at. Blue and bright is the fastest, yellow is moving slowly, and red is basically hovering, not moving very fast and is usually dim.

Idol Description

Palutena's divine power keeping Pit aloft during his air battles. Because Pit can't actually fly, Paluntena controls the flight path and destination, ensuring he lands before the power's roughly five-minute time limit expires and Pit falls.


  • The Wings of Icarus in Super Smash Bros. Brawl are very similar to the Power of Flight in that both abilities cause Pit's wings to glow blue. In fact, the move may have been an early concept of how the Power of Flight would work in Uprising.
  • The fact that Pit's wings burn up after flying for too long may once again be a reference to the story of Daedalus and Icarus. In this case, it is referencing the point where Icarus' wax wings melt due to him flying too close to the sun, causing him to fall into the ocean below.
  • This new mechanic was originally called the "Miracle of Flight" when it was first revealed in the E3 2010 trailer. Why exactly the name was changed is currently unknown. It has been recently shown that in the Japanese version of Kid Icarus: Uprising, the mechanic is still called the Miracle of Flight.
  • Thanatos Rising Part 1 suggests that Palutena is literally giving Pit her flying capability, as suggested by the line "I'll grant you my Power of Flight," as if she's giving him permission to use it. This is also mentioned in Chapter 6 when Palutena states that both Pit and her are both bad at flying.
  • Despite the fact that the Power of Flight can only be used within and every five minutes, in Chapter 25Viridi's Power of Flight seems to last a lot longer during the credits and final attack. However, in Chapter 21, she can only use it for roughly five minutes, just like Palutena.

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