Poseidon Cannon

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Poseidon Cannon
"Imbued with just a fraction of the sea god's strength..."
Vital statistics
Weapon Type Cannon Mini Icon Cannon
Range Strength Unaffected
Strongest Attack Melee Dash Attack

The Poseidon Cannon is a Cannon in Kid Icarus: Uprising.  It is one of the few water based weapons, based off the sea god met in Chapter 7 . It can be unlocked by completing Chapter 8 in under 20 minutes. It shoots large watery bursts. While rounds fired by this cannon are slow, they can also be difficult to spot which often proves advantageous in multiplayer battles. Upon impact, charged shots erupt violently and usually throw targets several meters upwards while dealing damage. If timed correctly, another shot can be charged and fired to hit immediately after the target recovers from the previous blast.

Idol Description

Imbued with just a fraction of the sea god's strength, the Poseidon Cannon fires rippling, water-like shots that entangle enemies and smash them with the force of a flood. Its rapid fire blasts enemies with a veritable divine water cannon.


Max Shot Distances

Standing Continuous: 37.7

Standing Charged: 44.8

Forward Dash Continuous: 43.2

Forward Dash Charged: 55.7

Side Dash Continuous: 43.2

Side Dash Charged: 50.4

Backward Dash Continuous: 43.0

Backward Dash Charged: 39.9

Base Melee Damage

Combo Strike 1: 10.5

Combo Strike 2: 5.2

Combo Strike 3: 16.3

Dash Strike: 5.2 x 3 + 20.7

Ranged Damage Ratio

Standing Continuous: 2.0 per round

Standing Charged: 6.0 for water ripples, 11.6 for final blast, and 3.5 and 7.5 for blast radius

Forward Dash Continuous: 13.8 per round

Forward Dash Charged: 6.0 for water ripples, 16.9 for final blast, and 8.0 for blast radius

Side Dash Continuous: 9.2 per round

Side Dash Charged: 6.0 for water ripples, 13.7 for final blast, and 6.5 for blast radius

Backward Dash Continuous: 13.8 per round

Backward Dash Charged: 3.5 for water ripples, 15.0 for final blast, and 4.5 and 9.8 for blast radius

Note: All data are from the basic weapon valued of 100.

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