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Playing Dead is a power in Kid Icarus: Uprising. When activated, the user disappears after seemingly dying. The user then becomes both invisible and invincible for a few seconds.

Playing dead


Fool enemies into thinking you're finished, then turn invisible, making attacks pass through you.


Level Uses
1 2
2 2
3 2

Power Board

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


In Together mode, you can use this power to great effect by getting to low health and using the power as you are hit to fake death and slip behind the opponent. However, it is dangerous as the animation of being blasted must play before you can successfully escape. If you do not let this animation play first, your opponent will know you are alive. Another reason why it's risky is that even a perfectly executed use of this power can be easily noticed because there will be no 'Defeated!' message in the bottom left corner of the top screen.


  • Despite rarely mentioning death of main characters, this power actually uses the word 'dead', though not meaning it truthfully.
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