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Palutena Bow
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"Painstakingly crafted by Palutena herself..."
Vital statistics
Weapon Type Bow Mini Icon Bow
Range Strength Becomes stronger over distance
Strongest Attack Forward Dash Charge Shot

The Palutena Bow is an advanced version of the Silver Bow. It is unlocked by beating Chapter 24 in or under eleven minutes. Afterwards, it is possible to buy or fuse it.


The bow has curved edges, with ornate gold on the outside. On the inside, it is blue with patterns carved into it. There are two halos where arrows are held. A piece worn on the back of a hand creates the arrow. It still has traits from the silver bow.


The Palutena Bow's standing shots don't do a lot of damage, but its dash charged shots are somewhat powerful. The shots also gain in speed the further they travel. This Bow is best used during Land Battles or in Together Mode despite the power boost given by the Power of Flight.

Idol Description

Painstakingly crafted by Palutena herself, this bow's shots gain speed the farther they travel. Though its standing shots are weak, its dash shots are mighty. So keep moving, and don't leave yourself open to counterattacks.


Max Shot Distances

Standing Continuous: 34.0m

Standing Charged: 53.9m

Forward Dash Continuous: 32.3m

Forward Dash Charged: 59.4m

Side Dash Continuous: 32.3m

Side Dash Charged: 57.2m

Backward Dash Continuous: 32.3m

Backward Dash Charged: 59.4m

Base Melee Damage

Combo Strike 1: 17.5

Combo Strike 2: 10.0

Combo Strike 3: 17.5

Dash Strike: 7.5 + 7.5 + 7.5 + 7.5 + 7.5 + 7.5 + 12.5

Ranged Damage Ratio

Standing Continuous:

Max: 6.5 per round Min: 5.4 per round

Standing Charged:

Max: 21.2 Min: 15.2

Forward Dash Continuous:

Max: 17.9 per round Min: 15.5 per round

Forward Dash Charged:

Max: 64.0 Min: 53.6

Side Dash Continuous:

Max: 15.7 per round Min: 13.1 per round

Side Dash Charged:

Max: 52.7 Min: 44.0

Backward Dash Continuous:

Max: 33.0 per round Min: 27.5

Backward Dash Charged:

Max: 56.0 Min: 44.6

Note: All data are from the basic weapon valued of 100.



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