Palutena's Revolting Dinner



Shaft, Inc., N A S


Nintendo, Sora Ltd.

Release Date

March 19, 2012


Medusa's Revenge

Palutena's Revolting Dinner (おいかけて Oikakete, "The Pursuit") is a two part animated short produced by Shaft, Inc. It was released via Nintendo Video in March 2012 in order to promote the release of Kid Icarus: Uprising.


Part 1

As Palutena looks over various recipes to make for herself and Pit, she settles on a dish called "Vegetable Surprise with a side of Skyworld soup." In an attempt to add extra flavor to the carrots, she adds a drop of her "Rejuvenator Potion," but accidentally pours more than intended, causing the carrots to come to life.

Displeased with the notion of being consumed, the carrots revolt against Palutena by throwing knives and turning up the furnaces in the kitchen before luring her outside. Once she gives chase, the carrots knock over a statue which rolls and follows her onto a bridge—however, the weight causes the bridge to collapse, leaving Palutena suspended in the air by the bridge's strings.

While Palutena hangs upside-down, she telepathically communicates with Pit, distracting him from coming back prematurely with a request for squash. Afterwards, Palutena hops down and uses her "power of caging" to trap the unruly carrots, though this victory is short-lived when the furnaces inside her palace explode all at once.

Part 2

As Palutena relaxes in a Hot Spring, she organizes her army to stop the rebelling carrots. However, after she notices an animate carrot in front of her with one of her potions, she follows it outside and finds herself surrounded by large groups of various animated vegetables. The vegetables then group together to form a massive vegetable monster, which chases her into a body of water within the palace grounds.

Though Palutena prepares for the worst, she quickly realizes that the water is washing the potion off of the vegetables, forcing them to turn inanimate once again. Struck with inspiration, she uses her "power of maelstrom" to pour rain upon the vegetable monster, causing it to completely disintegrate.

With her foe defeated, Palutena equips a pair of Wolf Claws to chop up the remains for dinner, but is interrupted when a giant gourd monster bites down on her hand. As she stands there in shock, the Wolf Claws unleash a massive explosion within the monster's mouth, catching Pit's attention from a distance and causing him to rush inside to investigate.

As Pit and the Centurions look around, they spot Palutena standing among the rubble, appearing incredibly frazzled with a gourd over her head. Once the gourd falls apart, she regains her composure and curtly tells Pit that they will be going out for dinner instead.



Role Staff
Director Akiyuki Shinbo*
Screenplay Katsuhiko Takayama
Animation Character Designer Hideyuki Morioka
S3D Director Kunihiko Mita
Keita Kon
Story Board artist Shinsaku Sasaki
Animation Director Yukihiro Miyamoto
Key Animation Supervisor Yoshiaki Ito
Color Designer Hitoshi Hibino
Set Designer Moriyoshi Ohara
Art Director Ken Naito
Composite Director Shinichiro Eto
Editor Ayako Tan
Sound Coordinator Kisuke Koizumi
Sound Director Kazuzo Hamano
Animation Producer Mitsutoshi Kubota
Producer Yutaka Kawasaki


Character English Voice Japanese Voice
Pit Antony Del Rio Minami Takayama
Palutena Ali Hillis Aya Hisakawa


  • The English name of this short is a play on the word "revolt," which can refer to either a rebellion or the feeling of disgust.