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Palutena's Revolting Dinner is an animated short by Shaft Inc. It was the last Kid Icarus Anime released on Nintendo Video and these shorts center around Palutena.


Part 1:

Kid Icarus Uprising - Palutena's Revolting Dinner 1 - (The Animated Series in BEST QUALITY)03:58

Kid Icarus Uprising - Palutena's Revolting Dinner 1 - (The Animated Series in BEST QUALITY)

Part 1

Lady Palutena is searching for meal to cook for dinner for her and Pit when she finds a meal called "Vegetable Suprise with a side of Skyworld Soup" (Angel Land Style Vegetable Curry エンジェランド風野菜カレー Anjerando Fuu Yasai Karee). Pit complains about it and asks about hamburgers instead, but Palutena tells him jokingly that if he keeps eating them, he will turn into one. Palutena adds a drop of "rejuvenator" to a bowl of carrots. Pit still complains to Palutena, who tells him to leave everything to her, which causes her to pour all of the rejuvenator into the carrots without her knowing and then asks Pit to get some tomatoes. When Pit leaves, the carrots are brought to life, getting up to start marching around. Palutena sees them and calls them cute, then mentions to them that they are dinner. One of the carrots throws a plate at her while the other carrots throw knives and various cooking tools at her. Another carrot turns a stove on full heat, causing it to explode. Before making a run for it, three carrots turn on stoves on full and run away. Palutena then chases the carrots down a long hallway. Suddenly, some carrots push a round statue down, which starts to roll behind Palutena. Palutena is then chased by the rolling statue, running on a rope bridge, which breaks due to the weight of the staute, and she is left hanging from the remaining rope of the bridge. Pit then calls Palutena and asks her how dinner is going and that he has gathered the tomatoes. Palutena tells Pit that she is doing fine and to find a squash as a way to stall time. Palutena leaps from the rope and uses a spell that cages all of the carrots. Thinking that she's done, the three stoves burst, causing a massive explosion seen by Pit, who is shocked at what just happened while he was out.

Part 2:

Kid Icarus Uprising - Palutena's Revolting Dinner 2 - (The Animated Series in BEST QUALITY)04:06

Kid Icarus Uprising - Palutena's Revolting Dinner 2 - (The Animated Series in BEST QUALITY)

Part 2

Back at the castle, Palutena is taking a bath in a hot spring and instructs Pit and the Centurions to gather the carrots. A carrot comes in and throws a potion at Palutena's head, so Palutena gives chase, only to come face to face with a giant monster that is formed by all the animated vegetables. It tries to kill Palutena, almost attacking her, but the vegetables turn back to normal due to water washing off the rejuvenator. Palutena then sends rain and destroys the monster. After that, she uses the Wolf Claws, but three squash minions appear. One of the Wolf Claws causes a massive explosion, and Pit and the army rush to see what's going on. Palutena is alive but dizzy from the bomb-like explosion. Giving up on the "Vegetable Suprise with a side of Skyworld Soup," an angered Palutena then says to him, "Pit, We are going OUT for dinner."

Palutena's Revolting Dinner 2 4

Palutena having a bath in the hot springs.




Carrot monsters

Giant Squash Monster


Other vegetable Monsters


Part 1

Pit: Veggies again, Lady Palutena?

Palutena: Oh Pit, keep eating hamburgers and you'll turn into one.

Pit: What? You're not serious are you?

Palutena: Of course I'm joking.

Part 2

Palutena: Pit.

Pit: Yes?

Palutena: We are going OUT for dinner.

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