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The Orbitars (衛星 Eisei, literally meaning "Satellite") are a pair of new weapons introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising, heavily resembling the Protective Crystals. They generally appear as two floating crystal balls that are partially mechanical in nature. These weapons are specifically designed for long-ranged attacks.


Like the Claws, the Orbitars are unique in that they always come in a pair. In addition, they are the only known weapons that never come into direct contact with Pit; rather, they float on either side of his body. The Orbitars excel at long-range firepower and have a chance at hitting multiple enemies at once, since they fire separate shots. In addition, the shots also grow stronger the longer they travel, making them most effective at hitting enemies from a distance. When used in close-range combat, the Orbitars will move from their positions and spin quickly in front of Pit as a melee attack.


Orbitar Variants


Idol Description


Standard Orbitars Orbitars are pairs of weapons that fire shots as they hover above their wielder's shoulders, allowing for wholly unimpeded movement. And what the small Standard Orbitars lack in punch they make up for all around quality. Orbitars petit
Guardian Orbitars These orbitars specialize in defense, for their charged shot raises a shield that has a strong potential of nullifying incoming fire. After throwing up this shield, users should switch to continuous fire as their main method of attack. Orbitars guardian
Shock Orbitars These orbitars gather their energy from the flaps of Pit's wings, releasing electric projectiles that disperse on impact. Their speed and range are nothing spectacular, but their charged shots have a high homing ability. Orbitars blitz
Eyetrack Orbitars These orbitars were once sealed inside a cursed royal tomb. Their homing ability is among the best of any weapon, making them very easy to use. However, they lack in terms of attack power and charge time. 1405155
Fairy Orbitars Tired of pixies asking you to listen? Try these spritely Orbitars on for size! They charge quickly, allowing for consecutive charged shots. Their greatest feature is the abilitiy to confuse enemies. Fairy Orbitars
Paw Pad Orbitars The Paw Pad Orbitars are too cute, aren't they? They have a short charge time, and shots bounce about like an excited kitten. Shield yourself with the backward-dash charged shot, or circle around enemies using continuous fire. PawOrbitars
Jetstream Orbitars Charged shots fired from these orbitars may lack any sort of homing, but when they do hit---watch out! They're strong, though generally lose strength the farther they travel. Try knocking foes into the air with charged shots! Jetstream
Boom Orbitars These burly-looking orbitars fire small bullets that really pack a wallop! Top among orbitars in melee and ranged attack power, they lack any sort of homing ability and slow the user down considerably during continuous fire. Boom Orbitars
Gemini Orbitars The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Gemini. The standard charged shots they fire travel straight, then break suddenly toward their target. This makes the wielder of such orbitars extremely hard to predict in Together mode. Gemini Orbitars
Aurum Orbitars These orbitars were built by literally combining members of the Aurum forces. Their continuous fire unleashes a narrow beam that is limited in range but travels so fast that targets have little time to dodge. Ao
Centurion Orbitars Modeled after Palutena's rank-and-file soldiers, these orbitars fire shots that arc like arrows in flightand are powerful at close range. Their backward-dash charged shots fire centurion-knight shields, and their continuous fire has a long range. Centurion Orbitars
Arlon Orbitars Inspired by Arlon the Serene. But unlike Arlon, this weapon is far from invisible in combat, featuring the longest range of any of the orbitars. It's conntinuous fire unleashes a stream of chakrams used by Arlon. Untitled-1



  • The Gemini Orbitars are based on Castor and Pollux, figures of Greek mythology known as "the twins." Their designs are also based on the comedy and tragedy Grecian theater masks. The Gemini Orbitars' continous fire projectiles closely resemble the moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
  • The Paw Pad Orbitars were most likely put in because of Masahiro Sakurai's love of cats.
  • The Fairy Orbitars' idol description contains a reference to Navi from The Legend of Zelda franchise.
  • The Orbitars can be seen as a direct opposite of the Club weapons as Orbitars are for those who like to stay clear of battle and lack in melee skills; the Clubs are for those who are better at melee and worse at ranged battle. Also, the Orbitars have more defense than attack while, with the Clubs being vice versa.
  • If Pit is using Orbitars, Viridi may have a conversation with him where she states that she's made a set of Orbitars out of her own minions. She mentions that they're even edible, though they have no real relationship with any of the in-game Orbitars.
    • However, the Aurum Orbitars are actually repurposed Aurum units, similar to Viridi's description of her orbitars.
    • The Centurion Orbitars are also based off of Centurions, who are Palutena's main troopers.

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