Medusa head art

Medusa Head

The Medusa Head is an item resembling the head of Medusa in Kid Icarus: Uprising, which levitates above the ground in a fixed location and fires a laser that causes Petrification, thus turning them into stone.

Once placed, the Medusa Head will fire at the first thing it sees, be it friend or foe. Thus, the Medusa Head will attack anything, even the one who placed it. Those attacked by it are temporarily turned to stone. This effect does not last very long, so the Medusa Head will continuously fire at the same thing to keep it from moving. However, it does not do this for long. It also shoots slowly; so, in Together Mode, placing it in an inconspicuous spot might improve its performance in hitting a target. It behaves like a turret. Like the Killer Eye, it cannot attack those who stand right behind it, so it is recommended to place this in an open area next to a wall.

The only time this item appears in Solo Mode is in Chapter 24, in which it is used to petrify a Reaper.

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