The following is a transcript for the English version of Medusa's Revenge.


(Palutena appears in a jail cell, her long hair flowing.)

Palutena: Long ago, when Skyworld fell to darkness and I was imprisoned in my own temple...

(A young Pit stands on a cliff, staring out into the distance with a look of determination.)

Palutena: It was a lone hero—the angel, Pit—who came to my rescue and saved the realm.

(Palutena turns, and Pit goes running toward the gate.)

Palutena: Pit! I have need of you once more.

(Pit is granted the Power of Flight and takes off into the sky. Medusa then appears, her pupils turning into slits.)

Medusa: Oh, it will be different...this time!

(Humans start running away from a town as Medusa rains purple and red beams onto them, laughing as they become petrified.)

Palutena: Stop, goddess of darkness!

(Palutena appears before Medusa.)

Palutena: I warn you, I won't allow this.

(As Palutena glares at her and points her staff, Medusa only smiles in return.)

Medusa: What a surprise, Lady Palutena. You dare to meddle in MY affairs? ...I'll have your head before long.

(A hoard of Monoeyes, Ganewmedes, Kerons, and Belunkas fly into the sky.)

Palutena: Neither the human realm nor Skyworld is safe from the Underworld Army.

(The sky turns dark and lightning begins to flash.)

Palutena: Especially with her at the helm.

(Medusa's hair begins to flow.)

Medusa: Oh, pretty, perfect goddess of LIGHT!

(Her eyes shine and she smiles deviously.)

Medusa: Revenge will be so sweet...

(Pit flies through a ravine, dodging enemy fire and shooting Monoeyes and Ganewmedes with his First Blade. As he continues, snakes appear in the sky, which transform into Medusa.)

Medusa: Here to crash my homecoming party, Pit? Palutena's precious little PET.

(Pit flies in closer to Medusa, dodging her snakes as he approaches her face.)

Pit: Medusa!

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