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In video games, loading screens are images or graphics used to disguise the time it takes to load transitions between segments of gameplay.

In Kid Icarus: Uprising, loading screens are typically displayed when a chapter transitions between its Air Battle, Land Battle, and boss battle segments, and they often offer helpful tips or unique insight into various aspects of gameplay.

The following is a transcript for the English version of each loading screen.



Gently slide the Circle Pad to walk.
One of the most important controls in the game is flicking the Touch Screen to spin the camera around.
While spinning the camera, you can tap the Touch Screen to immediately bring it to a stop.
Want to charge your shots faster? Each successful dodge actually speeds up the recharge of charged shots.
If moving up and down feels awkward in Air Battles, you can invert these controls in the Option menu.
Beat the game to unlock hidden options!
Selecting Aim Assist in More Controls will guide your reticle vertically in Land Battle.
A control option for left-handed players can be selected within Options. With it, you can set the A, B, X, and Y Buttons to move Pit.
You can invert the vertical and horizontal movement of your reticle using the Reticle/Camera setting in Options.
Turning off Shot Homing in More Controls is recommended for expert players only.
Use Autofire in the More Controls menu to make Pit attack automatically. Note: This is unavailable in Together mode.
Press the X Button to switch between first- and third-person views.
For easy left-handed play, try using your thumb directly on the Touch Screen.
To display subtitles on the top screen, flick them upward with the stylus. Tap the button on the Touch Screen to bring them back.


In Air Battles, it's a good idea to keep Pit moving in big, circular patterns. Moving targets are more difficult for enemies to hit.
In Air Battles, slide the Circle Pad quickly in one direction and then the opposite direction to spin and dodge enemy attacks.
In Air Battles, you'll see icons fill up in the lower-left portion of the Touch Screen. Tap these to unleash a Special Attack.
In Air Battles, fill Special Attack icons faster by narrowly avoiding attacks with gliding and spinning.
In Air Battles, Pit's shots are given a huge boost by the power of flight. Their speed, damage, and accuracy are all increased.
In Air Battles, Pit can run on some surfaces by getting close enough. Try this on Hewdraw's back!
If you hold your fire during Air Battles, you can perform a glide. This makes it easier to avoid enemy shots.
In Air Battles, you'll earn a point bonus whenever you defeat all the enemies in a squad.
After you beat chapters in which you use the Three Sacred Treasures, you can choose to play them again with regular weapons.
Each chapter has weapon types it's more likely to produce. Play a chapter often, and you can earn lots of its weapon types.
Foes within shooting range have a ▼ symbol over their heads. Though dashing and more factors impact range, you can always count on this mark.
Weapons earned in the Solo mode can be used in Together, and vice versa.
You can acquire more weapon gems via StreetPass and SpotPass.
Weapons and gems you don't need can be ground up and turned into hearts.
Enemies are easier to defeat in Air Battles than they are in Land Battles. The rewards for doing so are also less great.


On the Power Board, the powers that are big or oddly shaped are usually more powerful.
Powers come in many different shapes. Try to fit as many powers as you can into the Power Board!
You can also use powers by pressing left or right on the +Control Pad to select, and then down to activate.
You can use powers during Land Battles. Equip them before the level, and use them by tapping their icon on the Touch Screen.
Place hearts in the Fiend's Cauldron to raise the Intensity of a chapter. The higher the Intensity, the more hearts you'll earn!
Using the Fiend's Cauldron to raise the Intensity increases the hearts you earn and makes it easier to find rare weapons.
You can also use the Fiend's Cauldron to lower the Intensity of a stage. This costs hearts but is a sure ticket to victory!
When you fail a stage, you'll keep roughly half the loot you acquired, but weapon strength will correspond to the lowered Intensity level.
When his health is reduced to zero, Pit enters Crisis mode. Avoid taking damage while in this state to regain a little health.
Pit won't regain health from food while he's in Crisis mode. Instead, the benefit from food will be received after he's recovered.
Choose CONTINUE when you die to start again from where you left off.
If knocked into the air, press the L Button right before you land to hit the ground in a defensive pose. Rapidly pressing the L Button won't work!
You will take less damage while you're knocked down or into the air.
The length of your invulnerability after getting knocked to the ground depends on the way you get up.
If you're knocked down, attack or dodge while on the ground to do a rising version of the move.
The dash-around is a good tactic in close-quarters combat. Hold the stylus on the Touch Screen and dash left or right!
Do a dash-around and get behind an enemy by facing it, holding the stylus steady on the Touch Screen, and sliding the Circle Pad left or right.
When the aiming reticle turns yellow, it means you can use a throwing item you've recently acquired.
The double-tap zoom helps when precision sniping with staffs.
While standing still, you can double-tap and hold on the Touch Screen to zoom in.
Many enemy and weapon attacks can cause status effects such as fire, poison, or ice.
Hot springs recover health and cure status effects. But be careful: hot springs will lose their healing abilities if overused.
Some status effects only have a certain probability of occurring. Others are cumulative, building up over time.
Dodging is much easier at the beginning of a dash. Try dashing right before you're about to get hit by an attack.
If you dash too often, your ability to dodge will decrease. Overusing dash could put you in even more danger!
If you dash and run for too long, you'll tire out. When Pit starts sweating, it's a sign that this is about to happen.
It's important to time your dashes to effectively dodge enemy attacks.
You cannot dash in Air Battles. Keep this in mind when trying to use weapons that specialize in dash attacks.
You can use forward dashes to dodge bullets and other obstacles.
The more players take part in Together mode, the more likely everyone is to earn rewards!


Weapon Types

While the Ancient Staff slows its user more than any other weapon, its continuous fire lingers in midair at the end of its range.
The Magnus Club is extremely powerful in close combat, but it has the shortest range of any weapon, making it tricky to use.
Custom weapon modifiers aside, the Brawler Claws increase movement speed more than any other weapon.
The Earthmaul Club has the longest range of any weapon. Right behind it in range is the Laser Staff.
Shots from cannons will bounce off floors and walls, making them particularly useful in corridors or around corners.
Staff charged shots have no homing abilities, instead traveling on a straight line over vast distances. This makes them good for sniping.
Ranged shots from cannons generally neither lose nor gain strength as they travel.
Ranged shots from staffs, bows, clubs, and orbitars tend to get stronger as they travel.
Ranged shots from blades, claws, palms, and arms tend to get weaker as they travel.
You can perform up to five melee combo strikes while wearing claws, with the most damage dealt on the fifth blow.
Clubs don't fire shots during continuous fire. They unleash powerful slashes that block incoming shots and slightly increase walking speed.
Charged shots fired from clubs often send powerful gusts of wind through an area.
Repeating melee strikes can be strung into combos, capping at two consecutive hits for clubs and five for claws.


Press the L Button when close to an enemy for a melee strike. Press it rapidly for a melee combo.
Depending on the weapon, the distance and speed at which you can launch a melee strike vary.
Weapon attributes such as attack power, range, and other special effects will vary based on when and where you find a weapon.
While running, get close to an enemy and press the L Button to perform a powerful melee dash attack.
The aiming reticle changes shape when you switch from ranged to melee distance. Melee range depends on the weapon.
In Air Battles, shots from the same weapon do the same amount of damage regardless of the distance they travel.
Many backward-dash charged shots have specialized features, such as flying shields.
Dash with the Circle Pad while holding down the L Button to launch a continuous-fire dash shot!
Forward-dash charged shots are very powerful and often have longer ranges than other types of shots.
When one shot cancels another, it still loses stamina and can get canceled out altogether by other shots.
You can't be knocked back while executing a melee homing dash attack.
Depending on the weapon, your walking speed may decrease during continuous fire.
Two versions of the same weapon can have different attributes. Play on higher Intensities to earn more powerful weapons.
Attack an enemy you've knocked into the air before they hit the ground to perform an air combo.
You can perform a melee dash attack when running by sliding the Circle Pad in the opposite direction and pressing the L Button.
How fast you run and tire depends on the weapon you're using. The weapon you use decides EVERYTHING about how you play.
If you're targeted by a melee attack, use a side dash to initiate a dash-around and swing behind your enemy.
Weapons pass on some of their traits during fusion. Powerful weapons are more likely to produce other powerful weapons when fused.
Charged dash shots are powerful but leave users open to attack. Watch for this opening in Together mode!
Every shot has a limit on how sharply it can change direction when homing in on a target.
You can launch side-dash charged shots while dodging enemy fire, making them a great diversionary tactic.
Every shot has a cancellation value. Shots with a high value will generally cancel out those with lower values.
When one shot cancels another, it still loses stamina and can get canceled out altogether by other shots.
Combine continuous and charged shots with different dashes for powered-up shots.
How far you're pushed back during the recoil of a melee-vs.-melee strike is determined by the weights of both users' weapons.
The continuous fire on each weapon scatters in a different pattern. Shots that scatter more lose concentrated power but cover a wider area.
The combination of charged or continuous fire with forward, side, or backward dashes produces six entirely different dash shots.
Some weapons' shots will get weaker or stronger as they travel. Know and take advantage of your weapon's abilities!


Underworld Army

Skuttler Mages are handpicked from the Skuttler rank and file, taught to use magic, and sent right back into battle.
What do you get when you combine two Monoeyes, a Mik, and a Specknose? A Monomiknose, that's what!
Shildeens throw up dome-shaped barriers that help protect their allies.
The speed at which Mega Mussels heal the pearl-like eyes within their shells slows with each successive regeneration.
The one-eyed Nettler lies flat when shot, making continuous fire or melee dash attacks the best way to defeat it.
Igniots are mobile cannons in the Underworld Army that turn their victims to stone. Thrash about to break free from this condition.
Protected by a thick shell in front and back, Armins are only vulnerable from the side. Use a dash-around to target this weak spot.
Bats of the Underworld, Shootflies are drawn to the sound of ranged shots. Dodge and hit them with melee attacks.
Bound by curses, Clubberskulls are harmless while resting, only becoming fearsome foes when attacked.
Guttlers are gross enemies that gobble up other enemies to get stronger. Take them down before they can power up!
The dastardly Tempura Wizard seeks to outdo his Eggplant-based rival by turning Pit into a fried shrimp and attempting to gobble him up.
Be careful when a Merenguy begins its alluring dance; you may find yourself unable to look away!
Porcuspine is covered in spikes that fire out when it's attacked. However, this leaves Porcuspine temporarily helpless.
Attack Gloomerang's exposed fleshy limb, or wait until the Underworld Army foe launches its boomerang mask!
Fort Oinks were meant to be troop transporters but often get carried away and fire their cargo as ammo!
Remoblamlings, bombs that look like a cat's eye, can be defeated all at once by taking out their Remoblam masters.
A Snowman's breath will freeze Pit in his tracks. Rapidly press any button to recover.
Suit of Skuttlers have large gaps in the back portion of their armor. Don't feel bad for them; they signed up for evil.
Corals are Underworld foes that fly apart when defeated. Finish them with a melee attack to send bits in the opposite direction.
The Eggplant Wizard's eggplant bombs turn Pit into an eggplant, delicious albeit incapable of attacking for some time.
If a Komayto latches on to you, slide the Circle Pad wildly in all directions to quickly break free.
Komaytos bear a striking resemblance to Metroids and appeared in the original Kid Icarus.
Shemum are blue snakes that make their homes inside urns that can be damaged by melee attacks.
The iron-shelled Tortolunk is most vulnerable when it flips over after making a spin attack.
Monoliths are mysterious rotating slabs that can't be defeated by any means.
Collins are Underworld enemies that are basically flying suits of armor. They fire shots that you can melee back at them.
Minos is a red, round, and spiky Underworld Army foe that explodes when defeated. Try beating it from a distance!
Look out for skulls wreathed in a hazy, purple aura. These are Ornes, and touching them means instant death!
Sinistews are evil spirits that lunge out of pots. The best way to deal with them is to hit them where it counts—in the pot!
Grunts in the Underworld Army, Skuttlers come in many forms, including Skuttler Cannoneers and Skuttler Mages.
The Underworld Army foe Stackjaw launches rapid-fire shots that are best avoided with a dodge or dash-around.
The Vakloom looks like a turtle with a stone shell. It inhales Pit's shots and fires them back as laser beams.
The underdressed bottom half of Erinus will break away when hit, performing combo attacks with its top.
The safest way to deal with Reapers is to stay out of their line of sight.
Crawlers are heavy tanks in the Underworld Army. Try to hit the weak point on its back while avoiding its spin attack.
Shulm are toxic fungi in the Underworld Army. They scatter poison when destroyed, so try to defeat them from a distance.
Defeat the Underworld baddie Pluton as quick as you can to recover any items or powers it's stolen.
The spiderlike skulls known as Ganewmedes strike back when fired upon. Melee attacks are a safer bet.
The pink snakes known as Zaks attack in groups. Defeat their bosses, the Ziks, to make them scatter.
The Underworld Army's Boogity has a metal back that resists attacks. Save your attacks until it turns to face you.
Bumbledrops may look adorable, but in attack mode, they fall flat and slide at their foes, exposing their dragon heads.
The blazing serpents known as Fire Wyrms attack by charging into their prey. Take them down by aiming for their heads.
Shelbo looks like a sea snail with giant lips. Its weak point is the eye inside its mouth.
Shooting a Paramush in the cap as the creature glides causes it to plummet to the ground.
Girin are Underworld ant lions skilled at waiting. Draw them out by touching them and then immediately dodging.

Forces of Nature

A single yellow eye is the trademark of troops in the Forces of Nature.
Giant fungal troops in the Forces of Nature, Toxiecaps lumber slowly and hurl explosive, poisonous bombs.
Megonta's shell provides it with thick, protective armor. Flip it over to expose its vulnerable underbelly.
A string of guns made of stone, the Lurchthorn's segments can be destroyed one at a time.
Lethiniums and Pew Pews are the cannons of the Forces of Nature. They pack a punch, so take them out from behind if you can.
Bumpety Bombs are self-destructive enemies in the Forces of Nature whose explosions deter head-on attacks.
While they resemble beetles, Meebas are actually a parasitic fungus that inhabits the bodies of insects.
Urgles are wooden members of the Forces of Nature. They have a penchant for tossing Pit in the air.
Cacaws are a cross between a parrot and a tropical tree. Their strange cry has the power to confuse Pit.
Hugworms dig underground, then spring up to attack their victims. Stay safe by keeping your distance while they're hidden.
Don't let their cuteness fool you: Clobblers go into a fierce attacking rage when struck.
Flages are sneaky enemies in the Forces of Nature that blend into their surroundings. Attack them on sight!


Most Aurum enemies have green markings on their bodies. These patterns are said to aid in energy regeneration.
The Aurum have found an effective strategy in analyzing their foes and producing copies of their troops.
Shemums, Fire Wyrms, Skuttlers, Monoeyes, Miks, Urgles, and Pips are just a few of the enemies the Aurum have copied.
Rezda erect shields for the Aurum. Destroy their cores, and their shields will come down too.
The Aurum enemy Taklax resembles a piece of candy. Attack it when it pops open.
One of the few Aurum to have an even remotely organic appearance, the Zaurum assaults Pit's senses with psychic attacks.
The Aurum Biota is an array of glowing green orbs that fire shots, which can be knocked back at it with melee strikes.
The Aurum Nukleen act like floating mines; when they're destroyed, they unleash massive blasts that hurt friends and foes alike.
The more the hexagonal Aurum Zrink is attacked, the smaller and faster it gets!
The Aurum Dohz fires shots from its underside, which is also the weakest point on its body.


There are three types of Space Pirates: yellow foot soldiers, rifle-carrying snipers, and heavy assault-oriented commandos.
Overcome the centurion knights' massive shields by finding and hitting their exposed areas or by destroying the shield itself!
The golden Rare Treasurefish carries better power-ups and items than its more common cousin, the Treasurefish.
Careful when opening a Treasure Box: it might actually be a dangerous Mimicutie or Pandora's Box!

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