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The Komayto (コメト Kometo) is a creature in the game Kid Icarus. This enemy bears a strikingly similar look to a Metroid from the popular "Metroid" series. They move in the exact fashion as Monoeyes, in groups of four in Skyworld. Their appearance was drastically altered in the Game Boy sequel, Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, having only a single "tooth" and appearing in the Skyworld Tower. They attack Pit by ramming (using the Climbing behavior) and not latching on, as most Metroid species do.


Kid Icarus


"A mysterious floating creature. They only appear in Skyworld and attack in groups of four. Nobody knows where it came from. One theory has it that it came from a planet other than Earth. It's a nasty jellyfish monster."

Hit Points Damage Hearts Score (Experience)
3 2 5 300

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

Komayto2 Pict

"A mysterious floating creature. Nobody knows where it came from. It looks like a jellyfish, but floats in the sky."

Hit Points Damage Hearts Score (Experience)
4   5  

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Komaytos appear in the game, acting much more like true Metroids than in previous installments of the series. They will latch onto Pit and suck his life energy if he does not dispatch them quick enough. Komaytos are almost identical to the modern depiction of Metroids (though they lack the Metroids' infamous screech), with the only real difference being that they now have tentacles instead of claws. There are two types of Komaytos in the game, regular Komaytos and Cellular Komaytos, which only appear in Chapter 23. Cellular Komaytos guard Hades' Belly, acting like white blood cells. However, in contrast with white blood cells, they can drain their foe's life force and transfer it to Hades' Belly.

Komaytos can only be damaged by melee attacks. While they are trivial enemies if Pit is wielding a weapon with high melee power, attacks with orbitars, staffs, or palms can be risky.


  • Komayto comes from Kometo, short for Kometoroido, meaning "Metroid Child" in Japanese.
  • Komaytos can only be harmed by melee attacks, possibly referencing the actual Metroid's resilience to most weaponry.
  • During the Chaos Vortex mission, Pit comments that "the Komayto actually look like little Metroids"—a reference both to Kid Icarus' sister game and to the Komayto's name's origin.
    • Viridi shouts at Pit the quote displayed at the top of this section at that moment.
  • The Komayto's Idol description includes the line "The last Komaytos are not in captivity, and Skyworld is not at peace," parodying the opening line from Super Metroid, which reads "The last Metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace."
    • The Komayto's Idol description also says, "This creature resembles a certain alien life-form," referring to the Metroids.
  • Komaytos are almost in every way like a Metroid. They move, act, attack, and even look like them. Pit even mentions that they look like Metroids until Viridi stops him.
  • Komayto on Metroid Wiki

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