Promotional art of Medusa's Revenge.

The Kid Icarus 3D Anime videos are three animated shorts released on the Nintendo 3DS in 2012, containing unique storylines separate from any of the Kid Icarus games. Created for Kid Icarus: Uprising, they came out before the game's release and were available via Nintendo Video.


These shorts were produced separately by three well known Japanese animation studios: Production I.G, Studio 4°C, and Shaft, Inc.

Production I.G produced Thanatos Rising, which was directed by Junichi Fujisaku. It spans for three episodes and features Pit as the main character.

Studio 4°C produced Medusa's Revenge, which was directed by Kazuto Nakazawa. It only spans for one episode and features Medusa as the main character.

Shaft, Inc. produced Palutena's Revolting Dinner, which was directed by Akiyuki Shinbo. It spans for two episodes and features Palutena as the main character.


  • Thanatos Rising: This animated short features Pit battling against the God of Death, Thanatos. Unlike the other animated shorts, this one was done entirely in CGI.
  • Medusa's Revenge: This animated short showcases the rise of Medusa. It takes place before the events of the original Kid Icarus, up to the beginning of Kid Icarus: Uprising.
  • Palutena's Revolting Dinner: This animated short features Palutena attempting to cook dinner for herself and Pit. However, she experiences unexpected difficulties along the way.


Palutena SSB4 Official Art

Illustration of Palutena in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U.


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