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Underworld Mini Icon Underworld Army



Hops into foes
Fires singular, spiraling projectiles
Charges at opponents

Kerons (ケロン Keron) are Underworld enemies that debuted in the original Kid Icarus.

Physical Appearance

In the original Kid Icarus, the Keron is a green, frog-like monster with a light-colored underbelly. It has a single blue eye, and wings protruding from its sides.

In Of Myths and Monsters, it takes on a more grasshopper-like appearance, possessing white legs with shoes on its feet.

In Uprising, its appearance is similar to the one it had in the original Kid Icarus. However, its legs are now longer, its wings are trimmed with purple, its eye is now orange, and it has yellow accents across its body.


Kid Icarus

A frog that was given wings by Medusa. It's a strong jumper and quickly flies at its enemies.

— Its Game Manual Description

Appearing in the Overworld stage, Kerons will automatically target Pit and hop toward him in packs of four.

Hit Points Damage Hearts Score (Experience)
3 1 5 300

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

Jumps like a grasshopper to attack Pit.

— Its Game Manual Description

Known as the Cyclops Hopper, it behaves similarly to how it did in the original Kid Icarus.

Hit Points Damage Hearts Score (Experience)
2 0 5  

Kid Icarus: Uprising

At close-range, the Keron will simply hop into its opponents or charge at them. From afar, the Keron will not only use the former attacks, but it will also fire a singular, spiraling projectile at its foes as well.

Idol Description


This winged, one-eyed frog uses its wings to make up for the fact it can't jump that well. Despite its laziness, Keron's surprisingly nimble spin attack and large, durable body make it a formidable foe.



  • The Keron's name is likely derived from the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of a frog, "kero kero."

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