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Intensity Gates are special doorways in Kid Icarus: Uprising. These doorways are found in land battles and always hold areas (usually small) that have a Treasure Box in them. Be wary, as some hold enemies. To open an Intensity Gate, Pit must be playing at an intensity level that is at least the number shown on the gate.

Note: This list is currently incomplete. Any additions of discovered Intensity Gates are welcome.

Chapter 1


The level 5 Intensity Gate in Chapter 1

Gate Level: 5

In the fountain courtyard, if Pit turns to the right, there should be a gate in plain view. Because this is the first Intensity Gate that Pit finds, Palutena will fill him in on what it is. Inside is an Underworld Crawler.

Chapter 2

There are no Intensity Gates in this chapter.

Chapter 3


The level 4 Intensity Gate in Chapter 3

Gate Level: 4

Near the starting point, after rounding a few corners, this gate can be seen on top of a small staircase. It will take Pit down a pathway, but he shouldn't drop off at the end, which will take back to the starting point; instead, he should turn right to find a Treasure Box. Turning around and going back the way he came also reveals a Souflee.

Gate Level: 7

This gate can be found after the battle with the first head of the Hewdraw. In the immediate next area, if Pit looks left about 120 to 150 degrees, the gate should come into view. Inside is a Treasure Box and a few enemies.

Chapter 4

Gate Level: 5

When Pit arrives at a small area with a Jump Pad in the center, there should be a door behind the pad; past that is an elevator, which will take Pit up. When he exits out of the elevator, if he goes behind it, there should be the Intensity Gate.

Chapter 5

Gate: Level: 4

In the area with the trampolines, when Pit arrives there, past the place where the Mik was bouncing in, there should be a Jump Pad to the right; past that will be another Jump Pad, and following that will be the Intensity Gate. The room behind it contains three Treasure Boxes; the one on the left contains a weapon (and may or may not contain a Power); the one on the right contains food and Hearts; the middle one is a Mimicutie.

Note: Only one Treasure Box may be opened, although there are instances when the Treasure Boxes would stay long enough for another one to be opened.

Tumblr m3ez499oxL1qzp9weo1 400

The 8-bit room texture found after accessing the level 8 Intensity Gate in Chapter 5

Gate Level: 8

In the area with the trampolines, Pit can also travel on platforms under the ones with the trampolines. When Pit finds the second Specknose, there will be a trampoline platform that Pit can go underneath, where the Intensity Gate is located. As an easter egg, the room is textured to look like a shop from the 8-bit Kid Icarus game. The level of intensity required may be 8, as the easter egg is 8-bit, but this is just speculation.

Chapter 6

There are no Intensity Gates in this chapter.

Chapter 7


The level 9 Intensity Gate in Chapter 7

Gate Level: 9

This gate is easy to find, but the hard part about getting there is enduring the air battle at the highest intensity. This gate will take Pit to a room with puddles and an electric current. Pit will be notified by Palutena about the floor. After defeating a Shelbo, Handoras, and a Zurret, Pit's reward is a Treasure Box, food, Lightning of Judgment item, and a Drink of the Gods. Afterwards, Pit will be led back to a room filled with enemies.


The level 4 Intensity Gate in Chapter 7

Gate Level: 4

Once the central platform is on the second or third level, if Pit looks to his right after entering the door, there should be the Intensity Gate.

Chapter 8

Gate Level: 6

After the Belunka breaks down the wall, killing the Space Pirate Sniper, Pit can find this Intensity Gate by going down the hallway on the right that is connected to the elevator past the engine room. The room behind the gate contains one Treasure Box.

Chapter 9

There are no Intensity Gates in this chapter.

Chapter 10

Gate Level: 4

After Pit enters a certain room, the doors will be blocked. He needs to defeat the Suit of Skuttler, and the Tempura Wizard. It is only after their defeat that the doors will become accessible. However, instead of following the arrow, if Pit makes his way backwards from the arrow, he will reach the Intensity Gate. In it are a Girin, a Sinistew, a Skuttler, and a Hot Spring. Also, there is a Souflee hiding in the scenery in front of the Hot Spring, and there is a Mimicutie down a small staircase.

Chapter 11

There are no Intensity Gates in this chapter.

Chapter 12

There are no Intensity Gates in this chapter.

Chapter 13

Lunar santum Gate 7

The level 7 Intensity Gate in Chapter 13

Gate Level: 7

When Pit reaches the boss door, he can turn left of it to find this gate on the side. Inside is a single Treasure Box.

Chapter 14

There are no Intensity Gates in this chapter.

Chapter 15

Gate Level: 6

When Pit arrives at the Exo Tank area, in the third room there's a track, which leads to the "roof," where there will be two recovery items and the Intensity Gate. Inside is a Treasure Box hidden in the corner as well as some Quoils.

Chapter 16

Gate Level: 7

This gate is located among the vaults that give Pit Hearts, past the Aether Ring shaft. Inside is an obtainable weapon.

Chapter 17

There are no Intensity Gates in this chapter.

Chapter 18


The level 6 Intensity Gate in Chapter 18

Gate Level: 6

When playing as Magnus, at the place where the Centurions are fighting against the Underworld Army, there's an alley to the right, where the Intensity Gate is located. After obtaining the treasure in the Treasure Box, two Skuttlers and a Skuttler Mage will enter the area.

Chapter 19

Gate Level: 6

This gate is found near the end of the mini-maze. Inside is a Treasure Box.

Chapter 20

Gate Level: 5

The gate is located past the beginning of the land battle, directly past the room with the five Centurions and two Centurion Knights, which are past the first Exo Tank. The gate takes Pit through a series of platforms, which he must jump on, fighting some enemies as he begins to reach a Treasure Box. There is also a Souflee that appears along the path. The pathway drops Pit off at the end of the first Exo Tank track.

Gate Level: 8

When Pit reaches the "maze," he should fall down the hole before the door with the lock in order to proceed toward the gate. If he goes through a small hallway, the gate should become visible. It's a small cave with one Treasure Box.

Chapter 21

The only land battle is in the arena, so there are no Intensity Gates in this chapter.

Chapter 22

The only land battle is in the Rewind Spring, so there are no Intensity Gates in this chapter.

Chapter 23

Gate Level: 8

This Intensity Gate is located in the room where the player first sees the green pillars, which Pit has to hit in order to lower them. Pit needs to hit the two of them, and then the gate should be on the left.

Chapter 24

The Intensity Gate is located behind Pit at the start of the land battle. Access past this gate leads to a Zodiac Chamber containing Pisces Heal.

Chapter 25

As there is no land battle in this chapter, there are no Intensity Gates.

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