Great Reaper Palm



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Inflicts foes with weakening


Slow charge time
Slow projectiles

The Great Reaper Palm (ナチュレの破掌 Biggu Shinigami no Hashō, "Big Reaper's Breaking Palm") is a palm that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Physical Appearance

Initially appearing as a purple orb, the Great Reaper Palm is a weapon fashioned after the Great Reaper. Once equipped, it engulfs the user's arm with a sleeve and skeletal hand that resembles that of the Great Reaper's.


Kid Icarus: Uprising

The Great Reaper Palm is a weapon the player can use in-game, which can be unlocked by clearing Chapter 4. Once unlocked, it can be obtained as loot or through fusion.


Air Battle

Range Damage Hits
Continuous fire 66.5m 20.5
Charged shot 72.8m 86.5 1
Melee combo Strike 1: 63
Strike 2: 37.8
Strike 3: 71.4
Strike 4: —
Strike 5: —
Note: data was taken from a weapon with a base value of 100.

Land Battle

Range Min Damage Max Damage1 Hits
Continuous fire 23.8m Standing: 3.6 Standing: 7.2 6
27.3m Forward-dash: 7.4 Forward-dash: 14.7 3
25.5m Side-dash: 5.7 Side-dash: 11.4 3
24.6m Backward-dash: 7 Backward-dash: 13.9 3
Charged shot 30.3m Standing: 24.3 Standing: 34.7 1
33m Forward-dash: 9 Forward-dash: 18 1
24m Side-dash: 6.1 Side-dash: 12 1
26m Backward-dash: 7.5 Backward-dash: 15 1
Melee combo Strike 1: 21.3
Strike 2: 13.8
Strike 3: 20.9
Strike 4: —
Strike 5: —
Melee dash: 52.8 1
Note: data was taken from a weapon with a base value of 100.
1: This weapon deals more damage at close range.

Idol Description

Great Reaper Palm

The Great Reaper Palm uses the power of the Great Reaper to summon Reapettes that hound targets. It takes a while to charge, but unique among weapons, its attacks have the power to halve the foe's maximum health.

Weapon Fusion


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