First Blade

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First Blade
"...a new breed of armaments that combine close-quarters combat..."
Vital statistics
Weapon Type Blade Mini Icon Blade
Range Strength Becomes weaker over distance
Strongest Attack Melee Dash Attack

The First Blade (最初の撃剣 Saisho no Gekiken, literally meaning "First Fencing") is the first weapon Pit receives in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Palutena gives it to him as a starting weapon for the game to fight the Underworld Army. When the player receives the First Blade at the beginning of the game, it has a strength value of 100, the basic value of a weapon and has no modifiers. The First Blade is probably the most balanced weapon in the game, being able to handle all situations and therefore is an excellent beginner's weapon. Pit can change the weapon between chapters as long as he has a different weapon (i.e. Twinbellows Cannon).

Idol Description

Entrusted to Pit, this blade is just one of a new breed of armaments that combine close-quarters combat with ranged proficiency. The First Blade is well balanced in usability and strength, making it the perfect beginner's weapon.


Max Shot Distances

Standing Continuous: 27.0

Standing Charged: 41.0

Forward Dash Continuous: 38.0

Forward Dash Charged: 53.0

Side Dash Continuous: 34.0

Side Dash Charged: 47.6

Backward Dash Continuous: 36.0

Backward Dash Charged: 42.2

Base Melee Damage

Combo Strike 1: 16.0

Combo Strike 2: 9.0

Combo Strike 3: 19.0

Dash Strike: 46.0

Ranged Damage Ratio

Standing Continuous: 2.3 per round

Standing Charged:

Max: 28.0 Min: 16.8

Forward Dash Continuous:

Max: 14.5 Min: 8.7

Forward Dash Charged:

Max: 41.0 Min: 24.8

Side Dash Continuous:

Max: 12.0 Min: 7.3

Side Dash Charged:

Max: 34.4 Min: 21.1

Backward Dash Continuous:

Max: 12.5 Min: 7.5

Backward Dash Charged:

Max: 34.4 Min: 22.7

Note: All data are from the basic weapon valued of 100.

Weapon Fusion

Main Article: Fuse Weapons
In Kid Icarus: Uprising, it is possible to fuse two weapons into a new one. The stronger the weapons you use are, the stronger the result will be. Certain weapon modifiers from the old weapons have a chance of being transported to the new one. There are many pairs of weapons that can be fused into a First Blade. The First Blade can also be fused into many other weapons. Here are just a few examples.

Weapons that fuse into First Blade
Weapon A Weapon B Result
Ninja Palm Earthmaul Club First Blade
Earthmaul Club End-All Arm

Weapons the First Blade fuse into
Weapon A Weapon B Result
First Blade Aurum Blade Viridi Claws
Burst Blade Bear Claws
Laser Staff Viridi Claws
Scorpio Staff Beam Claws
Beam Claws Hewdraw Club
Brawler Claws Earthmaul Club



  • The First Blade appears in Chapter 24, although Pit isn't using it, instead, it is attacking Pit.

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