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Final Battleground



Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 25)



The Final Battleground is a location that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Appearing in Chapter 25, it is where the final battle against Hades takes place.


Chapter 25: The War's End

Within the depths of the Underworld, Pit engages Hades in a long and tedious final battle. During their fight, Pit pursues Hades towards the Overworld, as the Lord of the Underworld planned to "decimate a country or two" in order to refuel his power with souls. On the way, Pit severs Hades's legs from his torso; however, once they arrive at the Final Battleground, Hades generates himself a new pair of legs before they continue their fight.

Growing tired of the Great Sacred Treasure, Hades destroys it with a vicious clap, causing Pit to fall onto a lone strip of land. As Pit regains himself after his injury, Medusa suddenly steps in and severs Hades's head with a single punch. Hades severs her arms in retaliation, then regenerates his head before destroying her once and for all.

Viridi activates her Power of Flight to keep Pit aloft, and Palutena charges the Great Sacred Treasure's still-functional cannon. Once fully charged, Pit fires it, dealing the finishing blow on Hades. Upon Hades's defeat, the residents of a nearby town begin to cheer in celebration, and Pit and Dark Pit fly off into the sunset together.

Idol Description

Final Battleground

The site of the final battle between Pit and Hades. Beginning in the depths of the Underworld and ending in the Overworld, this climactic clash drives our hero to the breaking point. But when the curtain falls, Pit is victorious.


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