Drink of the Gods

A Drink of the Gods is an item that fully restores Pit's health. Unlike Food, this item also recovers Pit from Crisis Mode. It is only available in solo-mode, and is often found in the area before an entrance to a boss battle. It is also found after long and difficult portions of a chapter.

In Boss Battle Mode, you are given 5 of these drinks. It is possible to use all 5 whenever you like, but once used up they are gone for the remainder of the challenge. Of course you can always use Powers to heal yourself if needed.


  • The "Drink of the Gods" is inspired by the Water of Life item that looks similar and restored Pit's life in the original Kid Icarus.
  • In practice, this item is very similar to the Heart Container item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. They both heal all of your life (or damage) and are both featured in the Boss Battle of their respective game with five each.
  • This may have been inspired by Nectar from Greek mythology, the actual drink of the gods.

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