In Kid Icarus: Uprising

Chapter 5

  • Youreabosspandora
    "You're A boss, Pandora. But you're not MY boss!" - To Pandora
  • Thatsforrippingoffmylook
    "That's for ripping off my look." - Before taking off

Chapter 6

  • Dontberidiculous
    "Don't be ridiculous! I just don't like the idea of someone copying my act." - To Pit
  • Comeonnowthinkaboutit
    "Come on now. Think about it. If I was a copy, why would I kick my own butt?" - To Pit
  • You've got me confused with the other guy
    "You've got me confused with the other guy. THIS Pit is no pawn. I'll take care of him, but only after I finish you!" - To Medusa
  • Palutenasaysjump
    "Palutena says jump, you jump. She says fight, you fight. It sounds like a very satisfying existence. For her, that is." - To Pit, regarding Palutena
  • Themirroroftruthdoesntlie
    "The Mirror of Truth doesn't lie. I'm a reflection of your true self. So maybe your faith in her isn't quite so absolute after all." - When Pit claims to have complete faith in Palutena

Chapter 9

  • "Now THAT'S how you take down a boss." - After helping Pit enter Medusa's fortress

Chapter 13

  • "Seriously, that is the last time I want to hear 'Pittoo'!" - To Pit during their second battle

Chapter 21

  • "While you were a ring, I was less than nothing. Unconscious. Un-myself. We're connected. No you, no me. Two sides of the same coin." - Explaining his fate during the time Pit spent as a ring
  • "I am Dark Pit, servant to no other but myself!" - His battle cry before fighting the Chaos Kin
  • "Anyone who wants to die, step right up!" - After the pre-boss rallying cry with Pit

Chapter 22

  • "Hold on a second, your math is a little off. You better break out the Brain Age, pal." - Responding to Hades's comment that he is winning
  • "You've got to be joking. All you gods and your stupid wars are the ones throwing everything off balance!" - When Viridi blames humans for disrupting the earth's balance
  • "Not to hurt your feelings, but THIS Pit doesn't need your help to fly."
  • "Another astute observation from the supreme leader of the Underworld."
  • Really? The whole flying thing worked out pretty well for me
    "Really? The whole flying thing worked out pretty well for me, I might just defeat you again and steal your power back!" - To Pandora
  • I got it, so STOP telling me what to do!
    "I got it, so STOP telling me what to do!" - Responding to Palutena about Amazon Pandora's heart-shaped crystal barrier
  • This coming from the mighty Pandora?
    "This coming from the mighty Pandora?" - After defeating Pandora

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U

  • Whowantssome
    "Who wants some?" - His up taunt
  • Gameon
    "Game on!" - His down taunt
  • Watchout
    "Watch out!" - His side taunt
  • Noway
    "No way!" - When using his Guardian Orbitars
  • Electroshock
    "Electroshock!" - When using his Electroshock Arm
  • Itsnotover
    "It's not over!" - Possible quote upon being KO'd
  • Itstime
    "It's time!" - One of his Final Smash quotes
  • Goodbye
    "Goodbye!" - One of his Final Smash quotes
  • Canthelpbutfeelsorryforya
    "Can't help but feel sorry for ya." - Possible victory quote
  • Lookslikeimthelastmanstanding
    "Looks like I'm the last man standing." - Possible victory quote
  • Nicetry
    "Nice try." - Possible victory quote
  • Wheresyourgoddessnow
    "Where's your goddess now?!" - Possible victory quote if Pit is in the battle
  • Willyouquitcallingmethat
    "Will you quit calling me that?!" - To Pit in a Palutena's Guidance conversation, after being called "Pittoo"
  • Viridisinterestsandminejusthappentooverlap
    "Viridi's interests and mine just happen to overlap, so for this fight, I'll be happy to launch you into the stratosphere!" - To Pit in a Palutena's Guidance conversation, after Viridi says that Dark Pit has joined the Forces of Nature

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